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The 12 Best Employee Appreciation Gifts & Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Gifts for Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day is the First Friday of March

March 1st, 2024

Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect reason for managers of all levels to show their gratitude for their employees with great employee appreciation gift ideas. Successories has a wide variety of exclusive, high-quality personalized gifts for your employee appreciation program that we know your team members will love. From thank you gifts for employees, desk accessories to drinkware and lapel pins, there's something for everyone on your team.

Acknowledge your employees with personalized staff appreciation day gift ideas, or give them fun motivational gifts that recognize their hard work. Get ready for Employee Appreciation Day no matter what time of year it is by browsing our selection of hundreds of ideas for appreciation gifts for employees now. Check back regularly to see what new Employee Appreciation Day gift ideas we've added including new employee holiday gifts.

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12 Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas:

What makes a good employee appreciation gift for your team members? The perfect gift idea will express gratitude, while celebrating employees and their achievements with your company. Wanting to give great employee appreciation gifts this year? Make them feel appreciated with one of the following employee gifts from our list below.

1. Desk Accessories

From grow kits and plants to paperweights, these tokens of appreciation will be constant reminders of your thanks.

Thanks for All You Do Plant Cube Staff Gift Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock Staff Gift

2. Bags & Totes

A functional gift that shows your appreciation and is used practically daily.

Making a Difference Moderno Messenger Value Tech Set Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do Perfect 5 Gift Set Staff Gift

3. Drinkware & Bottles

Tell them "Thanks for all you do" with every sip from a ceramic coffee mug to stainless steel bottles. Add in a gift card to their favorite coffee shop to make this a great gift.

Thanks Tumbler Set Employee Gift Thanks for Being Awesome 15oz Camp Mug & S'Mores Gift Set Employee Gift

4. Stress Relievers & Games

Our exclusive fun motivational gifts include games, toys & much more that will allow them to destress and have fun at work.

It Takes Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder Staff Appreciation Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Talking Stress Reliever Staff Appreciation Gift

5. Gift Sets

Make them feel really appreciated & give them even more with affordable gift baskets and bundles. A gift box allows you to create a unique gift with multiple items from this list.

Thanks for All You Do Recycled Eco Tote Set Employee Appreciation Gift Leadership Gift Box Employee Appreciation Gift

6. Personalized Gifts

From engraved keepsakes to vases and clocks, make your gift personal by engraving names, dates and even your company logo. Add that personal touch to your gifts this year and show your entire team how much they mean to your organization.

Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock Appreciation Gift Leadership Compass - Personalized Metal Paperweight Appreciation Gift

7. Tech Accessories

Keep them happy & productive with tech gifts that show your appreciation while they stay connected in style. This is especially a great gift for remote employees.

Black Personalized Metal Power Bank Thank You Gift Thanks for Being Awesome White Charging Cable Thank You Gift

8. Pens & Pen Sets

Functional & Fun! Pen's make great gifts for the office. Used every day, your employees will treasure them.

Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen Staff Thank You Gift Essence Of Leadership Pen Holder Staff Thank You Gift

9. Journals & Notebooks

A great way to keep your appreciation in their hands, these extremely practical gifts are beautifully decorated with phrases of appreciation or can be personalized and customized.

Thanks for All You Do Notebook Employee Thank You Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Spiral Notebook Employee Thank You Gift

10. Remote Employee Gift Boxes

Gifting to remote employees can be challenging, but curated gift boxes of fun appreciation gifts help to engage employees working from home.

Thanks for Being Awesome Sweet Supplies Gift Box Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Colorful Supplies Gift Box Staff Gift

11. Lapel Pins

Bring flair to Employee Appreciation Day. Lapel pin awards are a trendy keepsake that shows you care.

Velvet Lapel Pin Gift Box Employee Gift 5 Years of Service Lapel Pin Employee Gift

12. Year End and Holiday Gifts

Employee Appreication is a year long effort which includes celebrating the end of a successful year with holiday gifts for the team.

Thanks for All You Do Sherpa Blanket Staff Gift Hot Chocolate Bomb Staff Gift

Ideas for How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is a time when your business can come together to commemorate the exemplary effort your team has shown at their jobs and use employee appreciation gift ideas to recognize achievements. Hosting a special event and giving staff appreciation gifts create long-lasting results that improve morale, keep employees motivated, and strengthen relationships among co-workers.

Here are some ideas for making your next Employee Appreciation Day special, as you think about ideas for employee appreciation gifts:

Hold a Luncheon

Besides keeping stomachs fueled and happy, a company lunch offers ample opportunities for socializing, which your staff will enjoy. Business leaders can mingle with staff and express thanks for a job well done, while everyone enjoys a well-deserved break in the day.

Throw a Party

A social get-together at work or after-hours gives employees the chance to bond with co-workers and have some memorable fun. You may even invite allow them to invite their significant others and children to the event to make it more inclusive and help team members bond on a deeper level. Party theme ideas include an office Olympics, a luau, or a casino night. Create games during the party that promote teamwork, and offer rewards that emphasize Making a Difference or playing an Essential Part to complement the goal of employee appreciation.

Give Gifts That Keep on Giving

Besides reducing turnover rates, thoughtful Employee Appreciation Day gift ideas can serve as constant reminders of your thanks when they're also practical. Items like mouse pads or pens are gifts your employees will love using and that will continue to bring smiles to their faces long after they've received them. Wherever these gifts are displayed, they also show others that you value employees, too.

Make It One-of-a-Kind

Gifts for employees that are truly special will be cherished. A custom photo gift or plaque can spotlight an exciting moment from the employee's career, or you can add the receiver's name to a precious item like a personalized clock. Seeing one's name on a gift makes an employee more likely to hold on to it for years to come and proudly display it for others.

8 Employee Appreciation Event Ideas

Besides giving Employee Appreciation Day gift ideas, here are some ways to commemorate great work from your team.

1. Bring a box of doughnuts or snacks for employees.

2. Offer to buy an employee a cup of coffee.

3. Write a handwritten thank-you note. Be genuine and specific with the message.

4. Give a speech, and say "thank you" to one or a group of employees all at once.

5. Create a certificate of appreciation for everyone in the office.

6. Offer some free time, such as extra time for lunch or to leave for home early.

7. Bring in pizza or host a potluck.

8. Bring baked goods and treats to your next weekly morning round table.

Appreciating employees shouldn't be limited to a single day each year. Use these ideas year-round, whenever you want to reward employees or show your appreciation.

When Is Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday of March. Mark this down in your calendar now to make sure you take advantage of this special day, which helps keep employees engaged and enjoying their jobs. Research backs employee appreciation, with benefits including:

  • Increased loyalty
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Better retention
  • Less stress and absenteeism

Giving out staff appreciation day gifts is a tangible way to show thanks. Today, on-the-job employee engagement is dismal, with the vast majority of global employees not feeling involved at their jobs. Improve retention and your company's bottom line with genuine employee gratitude not just on Employee Appreciation Day, but throughout the year.

How to Create a Successful Employee Appreciation Day

Creating an Employee Appreciation Day your team will love is simple. Follow these steps.

  1. Set aside money in your budget. When you plan your company budget at the start of the year, set aside money for staff appreciation gift ideas. You don't want to have to sacrifice these costs because you don't have the funds due to poor planning. Without employee recognition, your company is at risk of seeing a loss in engagement and productivity. Give staff a reason other than a paycheck to work hard. Have money ready to invest in events like an Employee Appreciation Day party. Select employee gifts under $10 or expand your budget to gifts under $25.
  2. Send out sufficient notice In an email or company announcement, inform staff of the date and time of the event so you can maximize participation. This will allow them to plan ahead, whether it means leaving that hour open or planning to come into the office that day if they work remotely.
  3. Leverage vendor loyalty A lot of companies have a local restaurant they turn to for lunch meetings and company events. It often is advantageous to use the same establishment for catered functions, as many restaurants offer discounts for loyal customers. You can also rest assured that the food is high quality, and the service is reliable.
  4. Choose an all-inclusive menu If you're serving food to employees, consider all types of diets and food preferences as you submit your order entry. Send out an email a few days before the event, and ask if anyone has any food allergies. Have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other options to accommodate all tastes and dietary needs.

Proper planning and the intent to make sure everyone has a great time during an employee appreciation event increase your chance of success.

Employee Appreciation Speech Ideas

As a leader of your business, thanking and motivating employees personally through a quick speech at a company lunch or event can benefit morale. To make sure you're delivering an inspiring speech that is going to keep your team working through even the biggest of challenges, make sure you cover these bases.

Lay Out Specific Points Ahead of Time

Chances are good you have a few specific points you want to get across during your speech. These may include providing a brief summary of the company's goals and noting certain benchmarks your team has met and how they've helped the business. Highlight these beforehand, so you don't end up forgetting to mention something important. This will also help you to keep your speech short and sweet.

Emphasize Success Through Real Stories

Research shows employees are more likely to be engaged with their work when their leaders are. A passionate, engaged leader will take note of both individual successes and those made by the company as a whole. Show your enthusiasm and engagement by mentioning two or three specific stories where your team excelled, and individual achievements were made by staff members. This will make it known that you recognize your business wouldn't be where it is without this commitment from its employees, and that good work never goes unnoticed.

Make Goals Personal and Specific

Talking about the potential you see in your company is a key point to make in your speech. However, it's not going to hit home for your audience unless you make it personal. Explain that you're excited about how specific products or projects are going to drive the company's success and how. Emphasizing your confidence will also show your staff the trust and faith you have in them. Explain that you have high expectations because you know you have a team that is talented enough to not only meet, but exceed them.

Research shows employees are likely to leave a company not because they don'"'t like the job, but because of poor leadership. As a manager or business owner, you are the one your employees are looking to for direction and motivation. After you've expressed clear goals for your team and recognized key players in the company's success, it helps to note how proud you are of your staff as a whole, the confidence you have in them and their abilities, and how excited you are to continue leading them.

Convey Gratitude With Employee Appreciation Day Gifts

You've learned why it's important to have an Employee Appreciation Day and how to make it effective for the management team and for employees. However you choose to celebrate, giving out employee appreciation gift ideas is a way for employees to have a real token of your gratitude that they can hold on to, show off to friends and family members, and use in the future to be reminded of how much they appreciate your business, too. Start planning by checking out a wide variety of staff appreciation gift ideas here.

Customer Favorite Employee Gifts

Updated Friday 09-22-2023
Flare Crystal Award
from Jaimee of Undisclosed

Flare Crystal Award

Sleek and Elegant - Must Buy!
I chose this product to award the champion of our inaugural ping pong tournament and was impressed with the clean etching and vibrancy of the blue embellishment. It came in a sleek black box with a magnetic clasp for safe keeping. Can't wait to present this to our employee!

Brilliance Acrylic Award
from Audrey of Undisclosed

Brilliance Acrylic Award

Perfectly Professional and Portable!
The award was perfect! Our work team wanted a sturdy award that looks professional and will present nicely and last throughout the recipients career but it also has to be able to be shipped around the world. Love the accent color to give it more flare and the font size and proportion were spot on. Very nice product, will be ordering more!

Teamwork Rowers Chrome Pen
from Sandy of Tampa, FL

Teamwork Rowers Chrome Pen

My team LOVED this pen!!
This was a perfect gift for my team. Looks good, nice team message and writes well!!