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Making a Difference

Customer Favorite Making a Difference

Updated Saturday 04-04-2020
Making a Difference Notepads
starstarstarstarstar from margaret of undisclosed

Making a Difference Notepads

would buy
nice product , I will order again

Making a Difference Perfect 5 Gift Set
starstarstarstarno star from TN Manager of Jackson, TN

Making a Difference Perfect 5 Gift Set

Awesome motivational gift for Leaders!
I plan on giving to my Supervisors. I want them to know they make a difference.

Making a Difference Fantastic 4 Gift Set
starstarstarstarstar from Greta Young of Pickens, SC

Making a Difference Fantastic 4 Gift Set

Carrying a Load of Service to the Community!
We will use this product to show our hard workers that they do make a difference in the communities they serve. The workers help prevent child abuse and neglect by home visitation and educational services for expecting moms! Improving well-being for mom and the baby. Providing counseling support when clients struggle with emotions, mental, and life struggles.