Tis The Season Of Giving – What’s Your Plan?

Although the pandemic is slowly fading from the forefront of our lives, it’s not gone yet, and it almost certainly won’t be by Christmas.  That means that the traditional Christmas party is probably going to have to be put on hold for another year.

Even if it wasn’t, the odds are good that many, if not most of your employees are still working from home at this point, and in person gatherings are difficult, if not outright impossible to arrange.

With all of that in mind, this year’s Christmas party will likely be virtual, if it happens at all, and gift giving will likely happen in isolation.

The question then, is much the same as it is every year:  What do you get for your hard-working employees to show your appreciation?

There are no simple answers here.  A lot of that depends on your budget and how well you know your employees, but we’ll take a stab at providing some answers in the space below:

First Things First

Before you can even start to think about individual gifts, you’ve got to decide on a firm budget number.  You need a clear understanding of how much you can afford to spend on each employee, and you need the discipline to not exceed that amount.

Once you know “your number,” the next big problem is wrestling with employee preference and ultimately, this comes down to how well you know the people you have working for you. 

Obviously, certain things will be nonstarters for certain people.  Buying a book for someone who doesn’t like to read just doesn’t make sense.  Similarly, buying sweet treats for a person who doesn’t do desserts, or alcohol for someone who doesn’t drink is just wasting time and money.

If, on reading those words, you realize that you don’t know your employees well enough to make a good decision, there’s plenty of time to fix that.  Bookmark this article and come back when you’ve done some research.

Assuming you’ve already done your research, or know your people well enough that none is needed, here are a few great gift categories to consider:

Awesome Gift Idea Categories


These days, just about everybody loves gadgets and gizmos.  Most of us are practically surgically attached to our phones.  The good thing about that is that there are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos you can get to augment that tech.

From recharging stations to wireless speakers, to ear buds and more, the sky’s the limit.  We have a robust collection of tech gear to suit most every budget, so if you’re looking to give the gift of technology, just click the link above and have a look around.


You’ve got to know at least something about your employees in order to make a good decision where art is concerned but if you choose well and wisely, it’s something that almost everyone will appreciate.  We’ve got everything from poster sized prints to small, desktop framed options that cater to every taste, preference and budget.  A virtually endless array of possibilities await!


These are simple, practical gifts that everybody uses.  Even better, our selection of drinkware is vast indeed, so we’ve got something for everyone.  Whether the employee you’re buying for is a diehard coffee drinker or prefers cold beverages, we’ve got you covered!

The selection ideas above are just the tip of the ice berg, of course, but they should serve to get your mind turning on the subject.  If you don’t find the perfect gift in the categories we mentioned above, just browse through our complete product array and you’re sure to find something perfect!