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Category: Employee Engagement

Give The Gift of Drinkware To Your Employees

With summer just around the corner, you can bet that all of your employees, whether they’re working from home or back in the office, will have a cup, glass or tumbler at their desk to stay hydrated during the hot summer months. Given that, why not surprise all of your hard-working superstars with an inspirational […]

Five New Gift Ideas For Your Hardworking Employees

If you have a rewards program set up at your company and your supplies are beginning to run low where gifts, awards and rewards for your employees are concerned, here a handful of options to consider from our new arrivals.  One of these may be exactly what you’re looking for! The Thanks For Being Awesome […]

Give The Gift Of Safety and Practicality

Although for many people, life has more or less gotten back to normal as the pandemic continues to fade into the background, there’s still the very real possibility that infection rates could come roaring back into the danger zone if a new variant is spawned somewhere in the world. Given that, while it’s true that […]

Employees continue to resign from jobs – How you can keep yours

The race to keep your star performers is on and the competition is heating up.  The national unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in living memory and employees are in the rare position of being able to pick and choose the jobs they want. That means that employers really have to up the […]

Five Great Gift Ideas For May

If you’re struggling to come up with great gift ideas to stock your Employee Recognition Program, or to hand out as gifts as soon as they hit the door, you’re in luck!  We have an absolutely massive collection of products that come in all shapes, sizes, color preferences and prices, so even if you’re on […]

One Simple Way To Get 2022 Off To A Stellar Start

To say that the last couple of years have been rough is an understatement of epic proportions, but finally, we seem to be starting to put the pandemic behind us. Even so, the future of work in these United States has probably changed forever.  If the pandemic has proved anything at all, it is that […]

Are You Having A Virtual Christmas Party This Year?

If you’re like many business owners, the annual in person Christmas party has been cancelled again this year, courtesy of the lingering—and mutating! Corona Virus. Just because you can’t get together in person and celebrate the Holidays though, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun Christmas party that everyone is sure to enjoy.  If you’re […]

Give The Gift Of Art This Year

If your company is like most, even though the pandemic is beginning to fade into the rearview mirror, you’ve probably still got a number of employees—and perhaps even a majority—working from home. Setting up a home office is no easy feat, and this year for Christmas, if you’re scratching your head and struggling to come […]

Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Hardworking Employees

The Holidays are almost upon us, and if you haven’t started thinking about gifts to help brighten the season and show your appreciation, not to worry.  We’re constantly expanding our product line and have all sorts of new products your employees are sure to love.  Here’s a quick overview of some of our most recent […]

Employee Stress Is Probably Costing You More Than You Realize

Just about everyone has heard horror stories about how stressed the American worker is.  If you’re a business owner, perhaps you believe that your employees are exempt.  That stress doesn’t impact them because, after all, you’ve created a great company and an exceptional work environment, right? Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie, and your employees are […]