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Corporate Volunteerism – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Although the Great Pandemic of 2020 has finally released us all from its grip, it has left indelible marks on the landscape of the world of work. The notion of working remotely, once a fringe idea embraced by only a few, has become mainstream.  New terms like “The Great Resignation” sprang into existence as workers […]

The Battle Over Remote Work Rages On

Our current trend of Remote Work and the recent Pandemic go hand in hand, with the latter being the direct cause of the former.  If there had been no Pandemic, then Remote Work would still be a fringe topic of conversation. The Pandemic, of course, changed all of that.  With the global economy virtually shuttered, […]

April Is Stress Awareness Month

In order to bring greater attention to and awareness of the issue, the month of April has been named “Stress Awareness Month.”  It’s no secret that our busy lives are increasingly stressful with a staggering 79% of Americans reporting feeling stress sometimes of frequently during the course of a typical day (per Gallup). The percentage […]

Polywork – When One Job Isn’t Enough

If you’ve not yet heard the term, “polywork” is GenZ’s term for working more than one remote job at the same time.  It, along with the ubiquitous “side hustle” are two of the ways that GenZer’s are attempting to gain ground in these uncertain economic times. Of course, the “side hustle” is nothing new.  Some […]

Your GenZ employees are “Quiet Quitting”

You may have heard about “Quiet Quitting” but just in case you haven’t, it’s one of the many new words that GenZ has coined to describe modern work and work-life balance. And it may be the biggest issue you have at your company that you’re completely unaware of. So, what is “Quiet Quitting”? In simplest […]

Boomerang Hires – More Than Just A Passing Fad!

If you haven’t already experienced a few “Boomerang Hires,” the odds are excellent that in the months ahead, you will.  If you’re not yet familiar with the term, here’s a quick primer on what it means, and more significantly, why it matters to your company. Back in the good old days when Baby Boomers dominated […]

Five Awesome Employee Gifts for March!

March is Employee Appreciation Month, which makes it a perfect time to show your hardworking employees how much they mean to you.  With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the newest additions to our product line to get your mind turning on the subject. The Years of Service […]

How Managers Can Be Better Allies To Women In The Workplace

International Women’s Day is March 8th this year, and while it doesn’t rank up there with the “big” holidays in the year, its importance can’t really be understated.  After all, women make up slightly more than half of the world’s population and even in the most progressive, enlightened parts of the world, there are still […]

Employee Appreciation Day Is Almost Here – Are You Ready?

With Employee Appreciation Day on the horizon and drawing ever closer, now is the time to start making preparations (March is Employee Appreciation Month).  If you haven’t started yet, and are racking your brain trying to come up with just the right gift to show how much you appreciate your hard working staff members, here […]

Five New Gift Ideas For Your Employees

If you find yourself in the market for some new gifts and rewards for your hard-working employees, but you’re not having any luck finding the perfect thing, we’re happy to help!  We’re always on the lookout for great new gift ideas, and we’re constantly expanding our product line.  Here are just a few of our […]