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Holiday Themed Messages To Save You Time

The Holiday Season is a busy time for everyone, no matter what business you’re in.  Even if the products you sell or the services you offer aren’t in higher demand at this time of year, there are generally fewer people to do the work as almost everybody wants to take some time off to be […]

Customer Service Week Is Almost Here

Customer Service Appreciation Week is the first full week in October which falls between October 3rd and 7th this year.  If you haven’t planned anything to mark the occasion, you should!  After all, in most businesses, customer service teams, as the public face of your company, are the unsung heroes of the operation.  A world […]

Are You Having A Virtual Christmas Party This Year?

If you’re like many business owners, the annual in person Christmas party has been cancelled again this year, courtesy of the lingering—and mutating! Corona Virus. Just because you can’t get together in person and celebrate the Holidays though, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun Christmas party that everyone is sure to enjoy.  If you’re […]

Tis The Season Of Giving – What’s Your Plan?

Although the pandemic is slowly fading from the forefront of our lives, it’s not gone yet, and it almost certainly won’t be by Christmas.  That means that the traditional Christmas party is probably going to have to be put on hold for another year. Even if it wasn’t, the odds are good that many, if […]

Women’s Equality Day Is Coming – Are You Ready?

If you weren’t aware, Women’s Equality Day is August 26th.  It’s an important celebration that pays homage to the women’s suffrage movement and serves as a day set aside to remember the hurdles that women in history have had to overcome to gain equal rights and full participation in our society.  It’s also a time […]

Ideas for Celebrating 4th of July in the Office

It’s official.  We’ve turned the corner on the pandemic.  New cases and deaths have fallen sharply, the economy is beginning to open back up, people are coming back to the office, dining out, taking trips, and more. Our current President has selected the Fourth of July as the day we’ll celebrate the turning point.  On […]

May 6th-12th Is National Nurses Week

If your business is in any way connected to the healthcare field, then you probably already know that the week of May 6th is National Nurses Week, an entire week set aside to honor the legions of nurses who work tirelessly on the front lines of our nation’s healthcare system. Even if your business doesn’t […]

How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Virtually

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and if your company usually does something fun to celebrate the day, you may be feeling a bit deflated. After all, with so many of your employees still working remotely, it might seem impossible to have any sort of celebration. Not so fast though. With a bit […]

March Is Employee Appreciation Month

Actually, Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday of March, but why not go above and beyond this year?  Recent events have put a tremendous strain on both employees and company resources and what better way to celebrate your hard-working crew than to turn the entire month of March into a celebration of them?  After […]

Ideas To Take Your Remote Holiday Celebration To The Next Level

With the pandemic still bearing down on the world, tens of millions of people continue to work from home.  It’s a solution that allows businesses to remain productive, while minimizing the risks to their employees.  It’s far from perfect, however, because it leaves many employees feeling isolated and disconnected.  It has also, of course, upended […]