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Five Quick Tips for Managing Your Remote Employees

One thing that can fairly be said about the Pandemic we’re all still experiencing to one degree or another is that it taught us to adapt. Almost overnight, tens of millions of people started working from home. Video conferencing tools saw immense surges in use and both owners and employees had to figure out new […]

Employee Stress Is Probably Costing You More Than You Realize

Just about everyone has heard horror stories about how stressed the American worker is.  If you’re a business owner, perhaps you believe that your employees are exempt.  That stress doesn’t impact them because, after all, you’ve created a great company and an exceptional work environment, right? Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie, and your employees are […]

Different Types of Art for the Workplace

One of our best selling product categories is art. Motivational artwork takes a variety of different forms and we’ve got a vast selection to choose from, so no matter what your tastes and preferences are, and no matter what your budget might be, we’ve got selections you’re sure to love. Broadly speaking, our art falls […]

Motivational Posters Make A Bigger Difference Than You Might Think

You’ve almost certainly seen motivational posters in offices you’ve visited or worked in prior to starting your own company.  They’re ubiquitous, and the people who invest in them to display in their office environments swear by them, but that brings up an interesting question; do they actually work, and if so, what do they do, […]

On The Job Stress And What You Can To About It

As a business owner, you’re probably under quite a lot of stress.  That’s something most of us try to internalize, and it makes it somewhat more difficult to recognize and acknowledge that if we’re feeling it, then odds are good that our friends, coworkers and employees are too. The simple truth is, you’re not alone.  […]

Onboarding Remote Employees Checklist

If you’re like most company owners or managers, most, and possibly even all of your employees are working from home right now. If you find yourself needing to add staff, the odds are excellent that they too, will wind up being a remote employee, at least for the foreseeable future. Hiring new people and setting […]

Use Art To Boost Your Employee Morale

Whether you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective way of improving morale at your office, or you want to send one of your remote employees a meaningful gift that’s guaranteed to be appreciated for years to come, art is the answer. We offer a staggering array of inspirational art prints in a variety of styles, sizes […]

Employment Trends To Be On The Lookout For In 2021

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the way we work in the here and now, but a growing number of experts who have been monitoring the trends and changes expect that many of them will remain with us long after the pandemic is finally behind us.  If the experts are correct, here are […]

The Pandemic Will End Soon, Continue to Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged

By now, you’ve almost certainly got a handle on the basics of managing your remote employees and keeping them engaged.  Given the ongoing pandemic, it’s something you’ve almost certainly had to learn to do over the past several months, which means you’ve probably gotten quite good at communicating in a variety of different ways, communicating […]

Motivate And Inspire Your Team With One Of These Awesome Prints

Study after study has shown that the right artwork displayed either at your office or in the workspace of your employees who are working from home will improve both morale and productivity.  That’s not supposition, that’s fact backed up by literally decades of supporting data. You may have some motivational art hanging on the walls […]