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Service Hummingbird Motivational Poster

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Service Hummingbird Motivational Poster

Service Hummingbird Motivational Poster Frame

Service Hummingbird motivational poster image: Welcoming red flowers beckon a green-breasted hummingbird to drink of their nourishing nectar. Our Service Hummingbird motivational poster from our exclusive Corporate Impressions collection enhances the look of offices, conference rooms, lobbies and hallways while communicating your corporate values to employees and clients. Motivational posters are 24" x 30".

Like the relationship between you and your customers, the relationship between hummingbirds and flowers is complex and uniquely interwoven. To re-discover the keys to great service and build an enduring, mutually beneficial relationship with each customer, we need only look to nature. The Green Mango Hummingbird, with its rare combination of creativity, energy and stamina, provides valuable lessons for every staff member who interacts with your customers.

Capitalize on your unique abilities.
Able to hover in place for extended periods of time, the Green Mango takes advantage of its natural assets to access the pollen in flowers that would otherwise go un-"serviced." In turn, the pollinated flowers ultimately multiply offering more nectar for the bird in the future.
What are your organization's unique strengths and how can you maximize them for your customer's benefit?

Approach every customer contact with energy.
Though we generally see hummingbirds in flight, they spend the majority of their time perched. When the moment arrives, though, they are ready to get to work. With wings beating up to 50 times per second and lungs taking over 300 breaths per minute, these remarkable birds do all they can to pollinate the flowers while simultaneously collecting nectar for their nourishment.
Does each of your customers feel you've given your all to help them achieve their goals?

Be prepared.
When it comes time to migrate, the hummingbird prepares for the journey by feeding until it has doubled its weight. With enough fuel on board, the tiny bird is able to fly to its destination (as long as 20 hours) without stopping…all just to serve its next "customers."
Are you prepared to serve your customers over the long haul?

If you're looking to optimize your customer relationships during these challenging times, take a moment to view them through nature's lens. The perspective you gain could make the difference.

Quote: Extraordinary service is the result of anticipating the need and providing the solution before the customer requires it.

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Best Picture


Inspirational poster that serves as a reminder of what the ultimate goal of service should be.


Fontana, California


I love this poster


I love this poster! My advice is to pay the extra to let Successories frame your artwork too. I went the least expensive route thinking I was being savvy and ended up paying as much to have it framed myself and was out time and gas. This is a great company with thoughtful office decor.


KC Metro Area


I would recommend this product to others


Delivery time was awesome I use posters In training sessions






Beautiful! Would be great if we could mix and match different sayings with different images...




Beautiful colors


Shipping packaged wonderfully!


Virginia Beach, VA


Excellent Office Decor


I ordered six inspirational posters in total and was pleasantly surprised when I received the finished product! I would definitely recommend your website to friends and co-workers. The price, quality and finished product was excellent!


Sacramento, CA



5.0 6