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Tech Accessories

Customer Favorite Tech Accessories

Updated Tuesday 02-25-2020
Making a Difference Power Bank
starstarstarstarstar from Houstonpam of Houston, TX

Making a Difference Power Bank

My group powered through
I was hospitalized and then had a long recovery at home. My group of volunteers continued the work I had already laid out to do and then started the curriculum I had ordered for use in case I was ever laid up for a length of time. Information that everyone needed to see and use was uploaded to a secure section our church website. People made sure that every Sunday was covered by two trained adults. This group of volunteers went far beyond what I had hoped would happen in my absence. I'm blown away by the way they have powered through.

Make It Happen Mousepad
starstarstarstarstar from Thomas of undisclosed

Make It Happen Mousepad

I would purchase this product again.
Customer gift.

Gold 2-in-1 Tassel Charging Cable Keyring
starstarstarstarstar from CC of Pontiac, MI

Gold 2-in-1 Tassel Charging Cable Keyring

A real lifesaver!
I'm so glad to have this key chain accessory charger. I don't know how many times I've been someone and needed a charger only to have one in the car, or in the office. This is a real lifesaver because I always forget my charger when I'm visiting or riding with someone and of course they never have an extra or a spare universal charger. To top that off, it look great hanging off of my wallet or purse.