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Why Instant Recognition is So Vitally Important to the Workplace

Instant Recognition – the timely acknowledgement of a person or team’s accomplishments in a business situation that supports your [business] overall goals, values and monetary income far beyond normal expectations.

In every single business sense out there, you have to know how to praise others to be successful, applying good encouragement tactics to encourage others to activate it in their own working relationships. This is because the need for appreciation is essential to human growth. In reality, expressing recognition gives people positive reactions and feelings that are reciprocated by quality work and satisfied motives because you recognize that they are valued. When you express instant recognition to others, you acknowledge their need to be recognized as an individual, and learning about these types of relationships can carry over to personal relationships and other working relationships.

Two Key Points to Instant Recognition


Identifying an Opportunity – if you’re not being receptive frame of mind, you miss your opportunities to see the good things people are doing. This happens all the time; people never get recognition, they always hear complaints.

The Physical Act – actually acknowledging someone for their good work.


There’s a huge communication aspect to instant recognition- this is because recognizing the good that people do sends powerful, emotional messages to the recipient and your entire work team through the grapevine and other communication channels; making instant recognition an important communication tactic required in business.

The benefits of Instant Recognition:

-increased productivity

-greater employee satisfaction in the working environment

-Direct feedback

-Much higher loyalty and satisfaction scores in customers

-Enhanced teamwork

-Much higher retention rates in employees and lower turnover.

-Enhanced safety records and fewer work incidents

-Absenteeism and stress were greatly reduced.

There are a few negligible costs to instant recognition:

-Time invested in R&D of planning structure

-Recognition invested time

-Cost of Recognition

-Overall time spent teaching about recognition tactics

-Introducing process

There are measurable profitability improvements:

-15% improvement in staff satisfaction at Sears, Roebuck & Co.

-For every 5% of employee satisfaction score, they saw 1-3% increase in customer satisfaction and a .5% increase in sales revenue.

And obvious costs of negatively/actively disengaged workers:

-Compromises 10% of the US GDP includes workplace injury, illness, employee turnover, absences and fraud each and every year.

Giving Recognition is EASY.

If you’re trying to initiate it in your business or workplace, start doing it discreetly, and don’t even discuss that you’re doing it, just observe the results. Some of the easier ways to show instant recognition in the workplace include spontaneously praising people, which is highly effective, especially if it’s sincere. These types of thanks are more important often than tangible motivational gifts. This is because they enjoy hearing positive things from the ones they respect, especially if it’s timely, specific, and sincere.

-Thank the person by name.

-State why you’re thanking them.

-Explain how their behavior made you feel.

-Point out the value in their accomplishment.

Recognition is a key success factor, no matter what business you’re in.