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Hybrid Work Culture – The Final Compromise?

To say that the Great Pandemic of 2020 was a transformative event would be an understatement.  It changed just about everything, including huge alterations to the landscape of the world of work. Virtually overnight, tens of millions of people around the world began working exclusively from home and companies scrambled to facilitate that change and […]

Managers Must Be Careful When Offering “Dry” Promotions!

Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you’re undoubtedly familiar with a practice.  A “dry promotion” is a promotion in name only.  It comes with a better sounding title and more responsibility, but not a pay increase.  The practice is becoming increasingly common as we move into a period of the economic cycle where […]

Corporate Volunteerism – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Although the Great Pandemic of 2020 has finally released us all from its grip, it has left indelible marks on the landscape of the world of work. The notion of working remotely, once a fringe idea embraced by only a few, has become mainstream.  New terms like “The Great Resignation” sprang into existence as workers […]