Recognizing Father’s Day In The Workplace

Does you celebrate Father’s Day in the workplace? If not, this year is the perfect time to start. If you already do, then you are definitely ahead of the times. Father’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to let the fathers in your office know that you appreciate their work and the time they put in away from their family. It doesn’t have to be a huge celebration but it is important to recognize the sacrifices the fathers in your office make to contribute to your workplace.

Why Should You Celebrate Father’s Day In The Workplace?

It should come as no surprise that almost any type of celebration is certain to boost office morale. However, Father’s Day is the perfect time to acknowledge the fathers in your company who have more than likely missed at least one of their children’s functions for work. It also allows you to show your appreciation for coming in day after day, even after he has been up most of the night with a crying baby or a wayward teen. While this is his job, it is also nice to acknowledge these things.

How Can You Celebrate Father’s Day in the Office?

In most offices, employees will appreciate a good lunch. If you have a small budget, opt for a potluck and encourage everyone to bring in their favorite dish. If it is financially feasible, opt to have it catered by a local restaurant. To incorporate the father aspect into the lunch, have each father show a picture of his children and tell something interesting about them.

Should You Give Gifts?

While this is entirely up to your company, it is always a nice touch. For example, give each father movie tickets, tickets to the zoo, or a gift certificate for any other type of activity they can enjoy with their children. You may even want to give a gift certificate to a local restaurant so the family can enjoy a meal on the company. Another option is handing out a nice picture frame they put photos of their children in and display on their desk.

With Father’s Day right around the corner on June 21, 2015, it is time to start planning your workplace Father’s Day celebration. Successories has a variety of work approprioate gifts that are ideal for celebrating Father’s Day with your employees. Visit our website today or contact them at 1-800-535-2773 with any questions you may have.