Fortune 100 Best are Successories Clients

DELRAY BEACH, FL – May 3, 2016 – Each year Fortune publishes a list of the top 100 best companies to work for. In addition to being considered some of the top places to work, 82 out of 100 companies on Fortune’s list are also clients of Successories.

Fortune’s methodology to creating the list is based largely on the Trust Index Employee Survey, which asks random employees from companies registered for the top 100 list questions concerning their satisfaction with their employer and Successories believes recognition plays a major part in employee satisfaction. In fact, according to a 2015 employee recognition survey by Globoforce, 68% of companies practicing values-based recognition said it increased employee happiness. An employee from the #1 Best Company to Work For, Google, said “The company culture truly makes workers feel they’re valued and respected as a human being, not as a cog in a machine. The perks are phenomenal. ” furthering the findings of Globoforce and Successories that perks, or rewards and recognition, create happier employees. Google is also a longtime customer of Successories.

Being a top company to work for itself, Successories understands what it means to create a desirable workplace and demonstrates that notion in its product offerings. From personalized clocks to stress relievers, Successories offers a wide variety of products that make it easy to instantly recognize employees. “Being a top company to work for is important because not only does that mean employees are happy, it means customers are happy because they are being serviced by people who love the environment they work in.”

Successories has been the #1 source for inspirational art, motivational posters and employee recognition for over 30 years. Founded by Mac Anderson, Successories has been raising employee moral & productivity since 1985. Awarded consecutively as one of Counselor Magazine’s Best Places to Work, Successories caters to not only 95% of Fortune 500 companies, but also to many small offices and family owned businesses all over the world.