5 Ways to Thank Your Employees!

Gift baskets and personalized pens are a good way to thank employees this holiday season, but there are other ways you can show your appreciation that might be a little more meaningful. Here are 5 unique ideas that will get your employees excited about their company Christmas gift, and really make them feel like their hard work is being recognized.

  1. Bonus Perks

Most companies already offer their employees perks throughout the year that are designed to inspire motivation and boost productivity. Giving employees a few extra is a great way to show appreciation, and surprise them during the holidays.

Unexpected perks can be anything from a shorter work week during this festive time of the year to an extra day off so employees can spend more time with their families, and these gifts come at a very low cost to the company. If you want to invest a little more you can throw a holiday office party or even give out unexpected office bonuses.

  1. Handwritten Notes

Instead of a mass “thank you” email to employees send out handwritten notes praising each person for a specific task or accomplishment that they completed this year. This will let employees know that they are appreciated, and inspire them to continue their exceptional performance in the new year.

A simple handwritten “thank you” is an easy and cost effective way to ensure employees know that they are a valuable part of the company.

  1. Business Funded Family Days

It can be hard to balance work and life during the holidays, and giving employees paid time to spend with their families is a great gift to give. Companies can choose to pay for an entire day of fun for workers and their families or simply give each employee a gift card to redeem at their convenience.

Not only will this effectively show employees that you understand the stress they are under, it might even help them come back motivated, refreshed and ready to continue be a productive team member.

  1. Practical and Personal Gifts

Giving employees gifts that are practical and personal for them is a great way to show them that they are an important part of the business. Chances are you or your management staff work closely with employees, which makes it easier to choose an inexpensive gift that is perfect for them.

Whether it is a gift of chocolates to a candy lover or a present for an employee’s beloved pet, this is the perfect way for bosses to show their employees that they are appreciated.

  1. Dinner with the Staff

If you have a small team taking them out to dinner at a favorite local restaurant is a great way for you to show your appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. Not only will it give employees a chance to relax, it can also be a great opportunity to encourage team bonding. You can also choose to invite employees over for dinner or have the event catered.

The most important thing is to show employees that they are appreciated, even if your company doesn’t have a large budget for gifts. It is a great way to inspire company loyalty, and ensure that you have another great year.