Phystical Therapy Motivational Poster & Art Ideas

Motivational Posters Gives Patients Hope, Strength and Courage

CHALLENGE: Dr. Dean Mondell, owner of Rehabilitation Associates of Nevada in Las Vegas, creates an environment in which patients, as well as staff, reap the rewards of an inspiring culture.

What led you to decorate your practice with inspirational artwork from Successories versus more traditional artwork?
I think of myself as a spiritual person, so I was personally attracted to Successories. I guess that’s how this all got started. In our practice we deal with people who have chronic pain or disabilities, and it’s very important for them to have hope, strength and courage. Successories provides a natural union of beautiful images with sayings that give people strength. So initially, Successories appealed to me personally and then I realized that it would also be beneficial for our patients.

People have joked that you recently expanded the size of your practice just so you’d have more space for framed art from Successories. Where do you display it?
Well, we did recently get new office space and did in fact decorate it with Successories. You’ll find them everywhere from exam rooms and the waiting area to offices and hallways. The staff loves it. As a matter of fact, every time we get a new catalog, everyone marks the artwork they like. Everyone gets to vote on what we buy next.

What response has the art gotten from your patients?
They absolutely love it. I’ve heard patients complement us on our facility because of the beautiful artwork. It gives the patients something to read and contemplate while they wait, and helps them put things in perspective, which makes them feel better. And making people feel better is our ultimate goal.

Obviously artwork alone can’t make the difference for your patients. A lot of your success is owed to the care your staff provides. What strategies do you have in place for motivating your staff?
My approach is very loosely structured. All of my employees are employees of the month every month, and I let them know that.

I extend that approach to other colleagues as well. In our facility we work with physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc. This team approach to treating patients is much more effective when we work well together. I’ve found that by recognizing other’s efforts, working together becomes much easier.

What advice do you have for others when it comes to motivation and recognition?
Try using recognition on a regular basis. It really, really works. You’ll get back every cent you invest and more – the return is immeasurable.