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10 Employee Birthday Gift Ideas

It’s important to recognize employees’ birthdays. It builds morale, inspires company loyalty and show staff that they are a valued part of the team. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on employee gifts to show your appreciation. Successories has several motivational birthday gifts that will continue to inspire employees throughout the year.

  1. You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever

Help employees relieve stress and let them know that they “rock” with this fun desktop accessory. Its squishy design is the perfect for helping staff relax, while also showing them your appreciation.

  1. Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder

Encourage creativity and relieve stress with this magnetic clip holder. Fun and functional, it will remind staff that teamwork is important for success.

  1. Thanks For Being Awesome handy Highlighter Set

It’s easy to give your staff a “high five” every day with this handy highlighter set. It comes with words of appreciation printed on the “palm”, and five different colored highlighters that form the fingers.

  1. Attitude Is Everything Mood Dude

Bring a smile to an employee’s face and motivate throughout the year with this bright colored mood dude. His color changes from orange to yellow when you hold him in your hand, and it is impossible to not respond to his grin. It’s a fun and effective way to remind employees that attitude is everything.

  1. Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock

Some birthdays deserve special recognition, and this interactive gear clock makes the perfect gift for the occasion. It looks stunning sitting on a desk or shelf, and its unique design ensures that it will be noticed. The small plaque can be personalized with the recipient’s name or brief words of thanks.

  1. Personalized iPhone Stand

Compact and sleek, its ideal for keeping iPhones, iPads and business cards close by. Perfect for any desktops, employees will appreciate its multifunction design. The stand can also be personalized, making it an ideal gift.

  1. Thanks Tumbler Set

Perfect for the desk or on the go, this three-piece tumbler set will make any employee feel appreciated. The insulated tumbler, matching coaster and travel bag come with words of thanks printed on the front or can be customized for any occasion.

  1. High Five Pen 4-Pack

Motivate staff and celebrate their birthdays with this fun pen 4-pack. The bright orange dude is sure to make everyone smile, and the suction cup base lets it stand upright on a desk. Give someone a high five on their birthday, and show your appreciation with this unique gift.

  1. Thanks for All You Do Candy Tube

Almost everyone loves candy, and it’s hard to go wrong with jelly beans. This plastic tube is filled with the delicious, colorful candy and words of thanks printed on the front.

  1. Custom Image Signature Frame

Let everyone participate in an employee’s birthday with this custom gift. Choose an image and let staff sign the matte to create a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Remembering an employee’s birthday is important, especially if you want them to feel valued and appreciated. Thankfully, it’s easy with a reward from Successories.