A Basketful Of Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Employees Smile

With the Holidays fast approaching, you may be feeling a bit of a time crunch to find the perfect gift for all the employees who work for you.  We can help with that.  Below, you’ll find a number of our best-selling Holiday gift ideas.  We’ve got something for every taste, preference and budget and any of these are sure to be appreciated.

The Holiday Stemless Wine Glass

These beautiful 18-ounce glasses come imprinted with your choice of four different holiday designs, rendered in red and metallic gold.  Get one, or get the whole set for your hardest working employees.  There’s even space for a personalized engraving or your company’s logo.

The Mosaic Tile Brain Teaser Holiday Gift Set

Do you have an employee who loves puzzles and brain teasers?  If so, then this gift set is absolutely perfect!  Inspired by ancient civilizations, this puzzle is a recreation of what was essentially the Rubik’s Cube before it gained popularity.  It comes with a wooden gift tag that can be branded with your company’s logo or a personalized message and inside an attractive gift bag.  A great gift!

Cheers To You Champagne Jelly Beans

Many people love jellybeans.  It’s almost impossible to eat just one.  These jellybeans come in a lovely container shaped to resemble a bottle of sparkling champagne and bearing the message ‘Cheers to the New Year!’  A fun, festive gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

The Working With You Sparkling Ornament Mug & Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate and the Holidays go hand in hand.  This sparkling 13-ounce ceramic mug is paired with a 1.5 ounce of Ghiradelli hot chocolate which is perhaps the perfect combination.  The mug is sparkling red which gives it the appearance of a Christmas ornament and the hot chocolate is silky smooth and of the highest quality.

The Sugar Cookie Mix And Cutters Gift Set

This is a wonderful Holiday gift idea!  It comes with just about everything the recipient would need to bake up a dozen delicious chocolate chip cookies, including a box of cookie mix and a pair of stainless steel, Holiday-themed cookie cutters.  This one’s sure to be appreciated for years to come.

The Working Growing Succeeding Pine Tree

Nothing livens up an office space like a green, growing plant, making this beautiful desktop pine sapling a wonderful Holiday gift idea.  It comes in an organic, biodegradable pot and is sure to bring a smile.

The Thanks For Being Awesome Soup Mug Holiday Gift Set

This fantastic matte black, 12-ounce soup mug with spoon is imprinted with an inspirational message and has plenty of space for personalization that comes with a wooden gift tag that can also be personalized and the mug comes in an attractive gift bag.  Even better, the mug is microwave safe, making it perfect for enjoying a hearty, hot soup or other wholesome food.  It’s a great gift with practical value that’s likely to be used every day.

The Working With You Is A Gift Golden Bistro Mug

This stylish French bistro inspired mug is rimmed in metallic gold and has space for a stock inspirational message or the personalized message of your choice.  It comes with a ceramic spoon that fits perfectly into the handle and can be filled with your choice of Holiday treats.

The Thanks For All You Do 15oz Camp Mug And S’Mores Gift Set

Who doesn’t love S’Mores?  This is a gift that’s sure to be appreciated.  You’ll find a full-sized Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, a pair of marshmallows and two full-sized graham crackers inside a large, 15-ounce ceramic mug bearing the inspirational message of your choice.  The mugs can be ordered in a variety of colors and the set as a whole is the ideal Holiday treat.  This one is not to be missed!

The Thanks For All You Do Inspirational Cube

This simple gift is guaranteed to motivate and spark conversation.  It’s a bit of desktop décor that takes the form of an oversized six-sided die, with each face of the die imprinted with a different inspirational message.  Roll the die and be inspired.  A great gift for just about anyone.

The Cherry Blossoms Snow Globe

Do you have an employee working for you who is a fan of snow globes?  It’s a common fascination, and if so, then this stunning gift is the perfect choice.  One shake of the globe will transport you to a magical world where snow falls gently on trees laden with cherry blossoms.  It’s an absolutely mesmerizing bit of desktop décor that’s sure to be appreciated.  Even better, there’s plenty of space for a personalized message to make the gift truly memorable.

The Thanks Tumbler Set

Just about everyone keeps a drink of one form or another at their desk, which makes this gift perfect for almost every employee you have working for you.  The set comes with a sixteen-ounce tumbler and a matching coaster, both covered in leatherette, and both in a leatherette gift bag.  All three items are emblazoned with the inspirational message of your choosing and the mug itself is stainless steel and designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours at a time.

Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for in the ideas presented above?  Not to worry, we’ve got plenty of other great gifts on our website.  Just spend some time browsing our extensive collection and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!