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April 22nd Is Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day grew out of the formation of the National Secretaries Association, which was formed in 1942 to recognize the contributions of secretaries, receptionists and related professionals. 

In 1952, Charles Sawyer, the US Secretary of Commerce, declared June 4th as ‘National Secretaries Day’ to formalize the occasion.

Over the years, the name of the celebration has changed and its celebration was moved to the last full week in April, but the spirit of the day remains unchanged. 

The simple fact is that administrative professionals are the unsung heroes of the modern workforce, and they seldom get the recognition they deserve. 

Although this day is not an official holiday, it’s still a superb opportunity to shine the spotlight on a group of people in your employ who seldom get accolades or attention.

If you want to do something special for your administrative folk and you’re interested in giving them gifts as tokens of your appreciation, you’re in luck! 

Our extensive product line includes a number of fantastic gift ideas that would be perfect for the occasion.  Here are a few examples:

The Hanging Glass Planter

If you have a plant lover working for you, these custom engraved glass terrariums are a great little gift to show your appreciation.  Well-priced and beautiful, they’re guaranteed conversation starters!

The Thanks For All You Do! Mood Dude

On the fun and light-hearted side, there’s this adorable little troll with a cute smile and a fun haircut.  In addition to being a great bit of desktop décor, the little troll has a practical purpose too.  He also pulls double duty as a squeezable stress ball, and even better, the heat from the hand of the person holding it causes it to change color. 

It’s a fantastic way to combine fun and practicality in a single item, and let’s face it, the modern workplace can be full of stress!

The Bright Ideas Light Bulb With Skittles

Do you have an administrative professional working for you who’s got a bit of a sweet tooth? 

If so, then the Bight Ideas light bulb is an awesome choice.  Not only can the container itself be used to hold a variety of small items later, but it comes filled to the brim with Skittles!  A wonderful, modestly priced gift that’s sure to bring a smile.

The Thanks Tumbler Set

Staying hydrated is important no matter where you are, and most of your employees probably keep drinks at their desks. 

This set includes a 16 ounce tumbler with a matching coaster, both covered in supple and attractive leatherette, and both offered in a matching gift bag.

All three items are imprinted with the message ‘Thanks for all you do!’ and there’s enough space to include the recipient’s name and a short, personalized message if you wish.  An awesome, practical gift that’s sure to get a lot of use!

Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for in the list above? 

Not a problem.  Just spend some time browsing through our complete product catalog online, and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!