Motivational Posters Make A Bigger Difference Than You Might Think

You’ve almost certainly seen motivational posters in offices you’ve visited or worked in prior to starting your own company.  They’re ubiquitous, and the people who invest in them to display in their office environments swear by them, but that brings up an interesting question; do they actually work, and if so, what do they do, other than look pretty?

The answer might surprise you.

First and foremost, aesthetically, they do a lot for any office space, most of which tend to look a bit drab.  Anything that helps to brighten the place up has to be counted as a good thing, but studies have shown that they’re more than just mere decoration.  In fact, placing motivational art in your workplace can improve employee performance by an impressive 33%!

This is borne out by employees themselves, 80% of whom report that artwork, motivational or otherwise, was an important part of their workplace environment.

The important thing to remember here, however, is that context matters.  Not just any old piece of motivational art will work for every group of employees.  The message conveyed by the art, if any message is present, has to be consistent with the values of your company, or the specific objectives the team viewing the artwork is trying to achieve. 

It also comes down to knowing your employees well enough to understand what their artistic preferences are.  If you’ve got a group of people who despise landscapes, then no matter how inspiring the message might be, a motivational art poster featuring landscapes is almost certain to fall flat.

One other point is this:  While there’s a lot of overlap between motivation and inspiration, they are two distinct things.  The very best motivational artwork should do both.  It should motivate and inspire.  Part of this comes down to image selection, and part of it comes down to what we mentioned before, where the message conveyed by the art aligns with your company’s values and whatever mission the team is on.

All that to say that the right pieces of motivational art in your office can have a bigger impact than you might think, but selection is everything.  Before you start making purchases, your best bet is to make sure you know your employees well enough to make an informed purchase.  If you don’t, start spending more time with them. 

Even better, grab a few employees whose opinions you value, and form a small committee, getting their buy in directly.  That way, you’re guaranteed to make artistic selections that your employees will love, after all, they helped pick them out!

When you’re ready to start buying, we’ve got you covered.  We offer an extensive selection of motivational posters in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of framing options.  We’ve got something for every budget, so you’re sure to find the perfect motivational artwork for your office.

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