4 Awesome Bags as Gifts For Your Employees

No matter what the job, today’s employees are always busy and always on the go.  To make matters more complicated, it generally takes quite a lot of gear and accessories to do meaningful work from almost anywhere and it can be tricky to carry everything you need with you.

That’s why tote bags have become such popular gifts in recent years.  They’re the perfect balance of personal and practical because your employees can use them both on and off the job, and best of all, we carry a surprising variety of totes.  Here’s a quick look at a cross-section of what we have to offer:

The Thanks For Being Awesome Sport Tote

Measuring 14” high, 20” long and 4.5” wide, this impressively sized tote can hold an incredible array of materials.  It also features a pen loop, a handy Velcro front pocket and mesh side pockets that are perfect for storing water bottles and other items you want easy access to.

If you decide this is the perfect bag for your employees, you can order yours with three different stock messages, or you can have a totally custom message added to the front face.

Best of all, you can order a matching notebook and pen to turn this tote into a set if you desire.  Absolutely fantastic!

The Making A Difference Heathered Messenger Bag

This handsome tote is slightly smaller than the one we just talked about, measuring 12.25” H x 13.5” W x 3.25” D.  The combination of heather grey and black gives it a striking appearance, and it can be ordered with your choice of the following inspirational messages:

  • Making a Difference
  • Make it Happen
  • Teamwork Dream Work
  • Thanks for All You Do
  • Or Thanks For Being Awesome

You can accessorize this tote by ordering it with a matching notebook and pen if you desire.  Even if you opt out of that addition though, this is a superb option!

The Epic Team Swish Cinch Bag

This two-tone cinch bag is offered in red and heather grey, blue and heather grey, grey and heather grey or green and heather grey, with your choice of the following inspirational messages on it:

  • Epic Team
  • Thanks for All You Do
  • Thanks for Being Awesome
  • Thanks for Making a Difference
  • Thanks for Making it Happen
  • Or, if you’re not thrilled with any of those messages, you can have a totally custom message added at your option

Whatever option you choose, this bag measures 13” high and 12.25” wide, and closes at the top with a drawstring.  It’s one of our simplest designs, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautifully functional!

And The Teamwork Dream Work Value Tote Bag

This is another relatively simple design, offered in your choice of the following colors:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Or Black

As with the other designs we’ve talked about, you can order this with a variety of different default message options, or, if you’d prefer, you can substitute the default messages for your company’s logo.

The tote measures 9.25” H x 11.75” W x 4.5” D, and whatever options you select here, these totes makes fantastic gifts!

If none of these totes  are exactly what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our complete selection on our website.  You’ll find even more options to consider.  We’ve got something for every taste, preference and budget!