Tis The Season For Gift Giving!

The Holiday Season has officially arrived, and if you’re wracking your brain and scratching your head trying to come up with great gift ideas for your hard-working employees, we can help simplify the process.  Below, you’ll find a collection of fantastic gifts you can give to show your appreciation and spread some holiday cheer.

The Thanks For All You Do Sherpa Blanket

Wonderfully soft and stylish, this cozy blanket is the perfect gift for anybody who might be a bit cold-natured on your team and is always on the lookout for something warm to snuggle under while getting the work done.

It measures 50” x 60” and comes emblazoned with the message “Thanks for all you do.”  Even better, you can customize the message if you’d rather personalize the blanket.  A superb gift idea!

Thanks Doodles Holiday Fuzzy Socks

Unless you live in the southernmost portions of the United States, the Holiday Season can be uncomfortably cold.  With that in mind, warm, fuzzy socks, and especially Holiday-themed warm, fuzzy socks can be a fantastic holiday gift idea!

We offer two different holiday-themed designs in red or blue, both featuring the message “Thanks for all you do” and both providing a fun, festive bit of comfort and warmth on those cold winter days.  While not for everyone, for the right employee, these socks make great gifts.

The Thanks for All You Do 15oz Camp Mug and S’Mores Gift Set

If one or more of the employees who work for you has a sweet tooth, then this gift set will be a surefire hit.  It features everything the recipient will need to enjoy delicious S’Mores by a cozy fire.  The set includes a fifteen-ounce ceramic mug with your choice of motivational messages, along with a full-sized Hershey’s chocolate bar, two marshmallows and a pair of full-sized graham crackers.  About the only thing that’s missing is some hot chocolate for the mug or other drink that the recipient might prefer.

The Personalized Holiday Pine Tree

While we do sell a number of planters and seed packs, not everyone has a green thumb.  If you know someone who doesn’t, but who still likes plants, then this faux pine tree is a great gift idea that combines the aesthetics appeal of plants with the convenience of not having to water or otherwise maintain it.

It’s a great looking little tree, standing 14” high and comes with a plaid-covered base.  This gift also includes a wooden “Thank You” tag ornament that can be engraved with the name of the recipient or the message of your choice.

The Felt Tree Ornament

This adorable felt tree ornament is the perfect “sit around” trinket that will add a splash of color to your office or home office décor.  It’s a cone-shaped tree, with each layer of the tree displaying a different color, and the whole affair being topped by a bold, red star.

It’s almost irresistibly cute and is sure to bring a smile to whomever you give it to.

The Thanks for All You Do Holiday Ornament

If you’re looking for something a bit more conventional, then this beautiful Christmas ornament might be exactly what you’re looking for.  It’s shatterproof, and whomever you give it to can either hang it on their tree for Christmas or put it up somewhere in their office or home office, as they prefer.  They’re attractive, sentimental, and sure to bring a smile.

The Making a Difference Snowflake Trunk Tote

If you’re looking for a more practical gift, then our “Making a Difference” Snowflake Trunk Tote is bound to be a hit.  The main compartment measures an impressive 12” x 20” and the festive buffalo plaid print makes it a fun, attractive gift this Holiday season.

The Thanks for All You Do Holiday Camp Soup Mug

There are few things better than a piping hot cup of soup on a cold winter’s day, which makes this a gift idea that’s sure to be appreciated.  Offered in your choice of black, red, white or blue with a variety of inspirational messages emblazoned on it, our mugs boast a 20-ounce capacity, dual handles and a matching spoon.  It’s a perfect blend of style and practicality.

The Thanks for All You Do Fondue Set

If you’ve got any fondue lovers working for you, then this gift belongs on your short list of options to consider.  It’s a four piece set that consists of a microwaveable mug, a pair of fondue forks and one tealight.  Emblazoned on the mug is the phrase “Thanks for all you do,” this is a great way to show a hard-working employee how much you appreciate them!

The Holiday Gift Box – Modern Planter and Mug with Chocolate

Gift sets are among our best selling offerings, and this is a great one that has a lot to offer.  It features:

  • A small ceramic desk planter bearing the phrase “Succeeding together.”  The planter has a bamboo base, accompanied by a basil seed pack and a peat pellet
  • A “Succeeding Together” 15-ounce ceramic mug with a square handle
  • And a packet of Ghirardelli double chocolate cocoa and a chocolate square

With a little bit of everything, this gift is sure to please.

Although we’ve covered a lot of great gift ideas in this article, it’s entirely possible that none of these are exactly what you’re looking for.

If that’s the case, not to worry.  Our full collection contains hundreds of other awesome gift ideas, so if the perfect gift didn’t jump off of this page at you, just spend some time browsing our complete collection and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.  We’ve got gifts in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for every taste and preference, no matter what your budget is.

Don’t let this holiday shopping season stress you out.  We can help simplify the process of finding the right gift for everyone in your employ, giving you one less thing to worry about.