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Three Reasons Why Employee Recognition Matters

Many business owners pay lip service to the notion of employee recognition and in fairness, a great many companies already have some kind of employee recognition program in place.  There are also a lot of holdouts, however, and given that, it’s worth at least discussing why employee recognition really matters.  There are a number of […]

Different Types of Art for the Workplace

One of our best selling product categories is art. Motivational artwork takes a variety of different forms and we’ve got a vast selection to choose from, so no matter what your tastes and preferences are, and no matter what your budget might be, we’ve got selections you’re sure to love. Broadly speaking, our art falls […]

Top 5 Employee gifts for September

September marks the end of summer.  It won’t be long now before things start cooling off and we prepare for the fall and winter seasons.  The changing of the seasons is a good time to restock your recognition program’s gift and award supply. If you’ve got a recognition event coming up at your company and […]

Women’s Equality Day Is Coming – Are You Ready?

If you weren’t aware, Women’s Equality Day is August 26th.  It’s an important celebration that pays homage to the women’s suffrage movement and serves as a day set aside to remember the hurdles that women in history have had to overcome to gain equal rights and full participation in our society.  It’s also a time […]

Employees Are On The Move Again – Are You Ready To Deal With A Surge In PTO?

It is finally happening.  We’ve officially turned the corner on the pandemic and life is beginning to return to something close to normal.  Unfortunately, the way that the past year has played out has planted a ticking bomb inside almost every company still in business. Think about it:  All during the past year, while employees […]

Five Exciting New Gift Ideas

Are you in the market for a new supply of gifts to recognize, reward and surprise your hard-working employees with?  If so, you should know that we’re constantly expanding our product selection, and we’ve added some really exciting new items this month.  Here’s a quick overview: The Working, Growing, Succeeding Watering Can If you’ve got […]

Make Reconnecting With Employees Meaningful

At long last, the pandemic is coming to an end.  Things are beginning to return to something closer to normal, which means that your employees, many, if not most of whom have been cooped up at home for months, and in some cases, for more than a year, are starting to come back to the […]

Why Employee Recognition Works Consistently

Employee recognition works because it consistently increases productivity up to 12%, makes employees happier and more engaged, reduces turnover by as much as 60%. In years past, employers took a relatively simplistic view of employee retention. Pay them more and they’ll stay. That works in some instances, but study after study has shown that the […]

New Employee Gifts At Successories

If you have an employee recognition program at your company and your supply of gifts and awards is running a bit thin, we have the solution.  Not only do we have an extensive product line, but each month, we add to it.  Here’s a small sampling of our newest additions (Click on the link to […]

Ideas for Celebrating 4th of July in the Office

It’s official.  We’ve turned the corner on the pandemic.  New cases and deaths have fallen sharply, the economy is beginning to open back up, people are coming back to the office, dining out, taking trips, and more. Our current President has selected the Fourth of July as the day we’ll celebrate the turning point.  On […]