Ripple the Pond

These people made their “drop in the pond” really count by simply following their inner conscience. They had no idea that one little thing would lead to another and another until the world changed for the better.

Water Your Attitude of Gratitude and Watch It Grow

Water the seedling. Pour on the praise. Letting someone know they are doing a good job with an in-person thank you is priceless. It’s like a refreshing rain after a dry spell and serves to sustain growth for an extended period of time.

Attitude: Your Pot of Gold

If you’ve ever tried to look for the end of the rainbow, it keeps moving off further in the distance, and your potential pot of gold seems very elusive. However, Jason Erdkamp wasn’t even looking for the end of the rainbow when he found it – on Orange County’s 341 toll road in February of this year.

The Power of Politeness

Politeness is more powerful than one might think. It cuts through our tough exterior walls like a knife through soft butter. It brings human kindness into the mix. A kind word really does turn away wrath.

The Power of Attitude

Choosing to think and react positively to exterior circumstances really can change you from the inside out. Practice may not make perfect, but it will certainly help.

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