Ripple the Pond

These people made their “drop in the pond” really count by simply following their inner conscience. They had no idea that one little thing would lead to another and another until the world changed for the better.

Be a Crocus

Did you know one of the most expensive spices per weight in the world comes from a crocus? The tiny, thin threads – or stigmas – inside the blossom of the saffron crocus are collected and used in the cooking of many ethnic cuisines around the world. There are only three threads per crocus, and you can image how many it takes to make an ounce, which is why it’s so costly.
Why not try being like a crocus? You’ll be worth your weight in gold, strong but flexible, and willing to go through or around obstacles that hinder you. Not only will you feel better; others will delight in experiencing the new you.

Overcoming the Fear of Change

What I’m conveniently ignoring is the possibility of truly wonderful experience beyond my rather high expectations. If I don’t try something else, I’m robbing myself of potential ambrosia.
If we take the stance of embracing change, of welcoming it into our lives – it can become an exciting adventure.

Incorporating Your Passion into Your Life

Once you’ve discovered your passion, try to incorporate it into your life by dividing it into small, manageable portions that you can add to your weekly agenda.

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