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Experiential Rewards: Why They Should Be A Part Of Your Recognition Program

When companies have poor workplace culture turnover rates can climb and productivity levels drop– this is a problem that affects up to 79 percent of businesses. Studies and polls have conclusively shown that when employees are recognized for their hard work and efforts on a regular basis not only does the company culture improve, but […]

11 Creative Ways to Reward Employees

Showing employees that their hard work is appreciated can have lasting positive effects on the business. Efficiency and productivity increase, along with profits and job satisfaction. If you are wondering how you can recognize your employees’ efforts here are 11 creative ways to help you get started. Let employees reward each other. Sometimes employees know […]

8 Unique Ways To Reward Employees

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) has several unique and innovative ways to reward their well deserving employees and have agreed to share some of their proven methods. Here are some examples of ways you can reward employees for their commitment and great job performance.  Verbal Communication Giving verbal recognition is a great way to reward an […]

5 Intrinsic Rewards That Motivate Employees

There is no denying that motivated employees are usually more productive, efficient, and effective than their unmotivated counterparts. In the past employees were often motivated by the thought of extrinsic rewards, but today, it is becoming more and more common for employees in the workplace to be motivated by intrinsic rewards. As an employer, it […]

Best Employee Rewards

There’s an age old saying, “Happy employees are the best employees.” Do you reward your employees for performance and behavior? Regardless of what type of business you own, having a reward system in place can help keep morale and motivation high, while also keeping employees engaged and turnover low. A reward system should address the […]