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Penguin Power

What can we learn from penguins? Even though we vary in size, shape and skin tone, we’re all part of the human race, and as such, we can work together to make sure everyone has their fair share – that everyone has their time in the “toasty center.” We can share the work and the responsibility in our jobs, our families and our communities, perhaps even making sacrifices for those yet to come. After all, each of us CAN make a difference. Read More »

9% Happier

I recently read a statistic that said for every happy, positive friend you have, your chances at happiness are 9% greater. Interesting thought. Read More »

Breaking Through

Look around. Every blade of grass, every dazzling flower, every intricately detailed leaf is a proclamation of hope. What a great lesson for us! Read More »

Find Inspiration on Twitter

Successories has joined the social networking site twitter in hopes to spread our message of inspiration further, wider, and more frequent. Follow us! With the … Read More »

The What If Game

May I make a few suggestions? Look past yesterday and pin your hopes on tomorrow, but live today. Be aware of the moments you have now and enjoy them. You are a gem upon this earth (perhaps in need of polishing, but that’s easy with a soft cloth). Read More »

A Dog Named Sadie

Couch potato that I used to be, she lured me from my contented laziness with the utmost enthusiasm and glee. How could I resist? Read More »

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