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Ripple the Pond

These people made their “drop in the pond” really count by simply following their inner conscience. They had no idea that one little thing would lead to another and another until the world changed for the better.

Water Your Attitude of Gratitude and Watch It Grow

Water the seedling. Pour on the praise. Letting someone know they are doing a good job with an in-person thank you is priceless. It’s like a refreshing rain after a dry spell and serves to sustain growth for an extended period of time.

Lead with Vision

Right now a lot of changes are being made in the way businesses are run due to the tough economy. The companies that will survive and thrive are those with leaders who possess a vision of the future of their businesses – those who can already see where their organization will go.

Everything I Don’t Know About Golf I Learned in Kindergarten

The only part of the excellence equation I was missing was skillful execution. If you really want to be good at something, you need to practice and practice until you become skilled. If you really love that thing, you will figure out how to attain excellence in that arena.

Take Off Your Pajamas!

Pajama bottoms as pants. Sure, there are a lot of cute patterns, they’re comfortable and it seems like the trend has potential, but people – this is also a “trend” with the depressed and elderly. Do you really want to go down that road now when you know you’ll probably end up there eventually anyway?

Choose Your Path Wisely

When working in customer service, it might be easier to give in to annoyance or downright anger, but if you choose the high path – the path of kindness, understanding and true caring, you will not be disappointed. It can and will make all the difference.

My Way, Your Way and Our Way

Have you ever had a manager with the attitude: My way or the highway? If so, you probably reacted to this person in one of several ways – The Placid Lake, The Eager Pup, The Steam Whistle, The Confronter.

Wealth, Fame, Power – The Keys to Happiness?

Imagine being powerful. I’m not talking Dr. Manhattan of The Watchman powerful, rearranging matter and such, just world-leader powerful, or head of a large corporation. As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said, “With great power there must come great responsibility.” Would you really like to be President Obama right now?

Be a Crocus

Did you know one of the most expensive spices per weight in the world comes from a crocus? The tiny, thin threads – or stigmas – inside the blossom of the saffron crocus are collected and used in the cooking of many ethnic cuisines around the world. There are only three threads per crocus, and you can image how many it takes to make an ounce, which is why it’s so costly.
Why not try being like a crocus? You’ll be worth your weight in gold, strong but flexible, and willing to go through or around obstacles that hinder you. Not only will you feel better; others will delight in experiencing the new you.

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