Results from the Latest Corporate Gift Giving Study

Gifts are a pretty complicated subject in America. It’s not that gifts in themselves are complicated, it’s what to buy and who to buy them for that really make you scratch your head. It’s even more complicated when it’s corporate or employee gifts – sure we all like to receive and give nice things, but are we obligated to? Studies have been compiled to provide a more accurate picture about the gift-giving scene in the United States, by way of surveying corporations.

This study, that was conducted in September and October 2014, involved 303 end-buyers from different companies to see how corporate buyers planned on spending their funds this holiday season.

•In total about six out of ten said that they planned on giving gifts this year for employees, customers and prospects,
•The majority of companies (74%) that are buying gifts for their employees don’t plan on changing how much they spend for their employee’s gifts. Among the rest, 19% anticipate increasing their spending while only 7% see decreasing spending.
•68% of all the gifts given will have the company’s logo on it

What Gifts Are They Giving?
•The majority of the gifts given are gift cards, followed by food or beverages, then apparel and cash bonuses, followed by desk or computer supplies.
•75% percent of the companies that are giving out gifts say that every employee will get a gift.
•On average, corporations average around $50 for employee gifts, but the median amount is $38.

What About Customers and Prospects?
•Studies suggest that about 40% of companies are planning on giving out gifts to customers and prospects as well, to express appreciation and develop relationships.
•This includes spending more on larger clients than smaller ones, and the amounts spent are slightly higher than that spent on employees, but that money is generally being spent on food and beverages.
•After that, the highest gift ratings according to the survey were office gifts- like office accessories, writing instruments and calendars.

The Big Picture
It might be surprising that a significant percentage of corporations don’t actually gift their employees (38%), but one might wonder what might show up on a bigger survey of businesses. In a study of 303 different corporations, the results aren’t conclusive, as there are over 27 million registered businesses in the United States (U.S. Census QuickFacts).

It’s important to understand other factors about this information. A whopping near seventy percent of the corporate gifts given will contain logos, and 25 percent of the corporations giving gifts don’t give gifts to all the employees. These disappointing stats point out a glaring fact: corporations don’t appreciate their employees, when the majority of “gifts” are cheap, mass-produced junk products that don’t reflect the time and energy that employees put into their jobs.

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