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7 Bestselling Employee Gifts

Your business wouldn’t be the success that it is without your employees. Their hard work and attention to detail have helped your business grow, and there is no better way to say “thank you” than with an award. A personalized award recognizes outstanding job performance, and it is also a great way to motivate your other employees. With hundreds of unique and inspiring gifts and awards to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect one for your employee.

  1. You Rock” Squeezable Stress Reliever

Show your employees that you understand how stressful their job can be and that you appreciate how well they hold up under pressure with this fun gift. The boldly printed words let your employee know that you’ve noticed their hard work, and the squeezable “rock” is a fun way to help them stay calm in a stressful situation.

  1. Thanks for Being Awesome” Handy Highlighter Set

You can give a well deserving employee a “high five” with this colorful gift and thank them for simply being awesome. Fun and functional, this award includes 5 brightly colored highlighters and is the perfect way to recognize the hard work your employees put into their job every day.

  1. Thanks for Being Awesome” Candy Tube

It can take a lot of energy being an “awesome” employee. All of the long hours and hard work that your team puts in to ensure the success of your business can be tiring and this fun award can help keep energy levels up. The refillable tube is filled with colorful candy, and the bright label ensures that everyone knows how great your employees are.

  1. Red Appreciation Soup Mug & Spoon

Not every employee recognition gift needs to sit on a shelf or a desk, and that is especially true with this soup mug and matching spoon. The 12 oz. mug is emblazoned with a message of appreciation, and your employees will love the bright spoon that is the perfect size for scooping up noodles.

  1. Thanks for All You Do” Leatherette Tumbler

There is no better way to say “thank you” to an employee than with a stylish and functional gift. This 16 oz tumbler is the perfect way to let someone know their performance at work is appreciated. The insulated tumbler is insulated to keep drinks hot or cold and the colored wrap can be easily removed for convenient cleaning.

  1. Rising Star Squeezable Stress Relievers

This fun recognition award is an affordable way to recognize a “rising star” in your office, along with helping your employees keep stress at a minimum. The fun yellow star will add a touch of bright color to the office, and its soft squeezable body will keep your star employee stress free and performing at their maximum potential.

  1. Pen Holder with Photo Frame

This elegant pen holder is the perfect way to recognize exceptional performance by an employee, and motivate the rest of your team. Closed it makes a stylish pen holder, and it can be opened up to display two photo frames.

Recognizing excellence in your employees and motivating the rest of your staff is easy with an award. The inspiring messages let your team know that their hard work is appreciated, and the affordable price of these awards make it easy for you to recognize the achievements of every member of your team. Check out Successories.com for more employee gifts, or call a member of our dedicated sales team at 1-800-535-2773 to assist you in finding the perfect item to honor your employees!

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