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How to Give a Farewell Speech

There are many stages to a colleague’s career and each one can produce lasting memories. From an employee’s beginnings as a trainee to the final stage filled with admiration and respect, it can be difficult to properly express the friendship and gratitude you might feel when it is finally time for a co-worker to retire. Added to the pressure is the speech that is generally given at the retirement party and you want yours to excite and liven up the crowd so your friend and co-worker has a farewell celebration that is worth remembering.

Tips that will help you give a great farewell speech

  1. Use the speech to describe your colleague to your fellow co workers. List the contributions that he made to the company, along with specific highlights from his career.
  2. Make sure you also include personal tidbits that can make your colleague seem more approachable and human, including any fun little facts that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. It is important to avoid any embarrassing information since this is a retirement party and not an employee roast.

These two tips will help you compose a speech that is fun for the retiree and attendees, and these additional ones will help you structure it properly.

  • In chronological order list the accomplishments and contributions of the retiree, along with any milestones.
  • Include details about the retiree’s personal life, along with any plans after retirement. Keeping it light but still informative will help your co-worker appear more human and the extra facts can make the party more memorable and enjoyable.
  • Add some interesting facts and entertaining moments that occurred during the retiree’s time with the company. The more personal details that are included in the speech will make it more meaningful to the retiree, and help others appreciate their years of service. Don’t forget to mention how much he will be missed, and how much you enjoyed working with him during your time together.
  • Towards the end of your speech you can touch on how different the company would be if your co-worker was never a part of the team, along with how he leaving will affect everyone after he is gone. While you still want to keep the speech light, a few touch words is always appropriate.
  • At the end of the speech a brief closing is generally all that you need before the applause and congratulations for the retiree begin. Do not forget to thank everyone for attending, along with those who might have helped you prepare this eloquent speech.

When your speech is structured in a way that highlights the accomplishments of the retiree while still keeping it light in tone, it is possible to have a fun and memorable retirement party and make the guest of honor feel appreciated and special.