Perfect Ideas for Holiday and Christmas Gifts for Employees

The holidays are fast approaching. Is your business ready? Amid all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for celebrations like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and more, it can be easy for employers to get caught up in the busy season and forget to order gifts for their team. Don’t sweat — we have you covered. Holiday and Christmas gifts for employees are fun and festive and make employees feel special.

Whether you’re wondering what Christmas gifts for employees from boss are appropriate, or you need inspiration for personalized holiday gifts, or you have no idea where to begin when it comes to ordering employee holiday gifts for your team, read on for ideas that will brighten up your team’s holiday season with merriment and cheer.

Food and Drink

The holidays are a time when imbibing on tasty drinks and noshing on sweet treats is totally something to look forward to. Candy, food, and drink gifts are tokens of your appreciation that can be happily consumed while providing a positive sentiment for your company. Some ideas include:

Make sure you know the dietary needs or restrictions of any employees you give food and drink employee holiday gifts to, so you can ensure they’ll be able to enjoy them.


If you have employees who celebrate Christmas, bestowing Christmas gifts for employees in red-and-green color themes can get them in the spirit. Cute Christmas- or holiday-themed gifts might even be functional enough for those who receive them to use in their home for future holidays. Here are some ideas:

When giving holiday-themed gifts, make sure that the theme of the holiday that’s displayed in the gift matches up with the recipient.


The holiday season is busy, but it’s also a time when employees should allow themselves time to relax and get pampered. A luxuriating gift made from gorgeous, scented materials reminds recipients to slow down a little and appreciate the finer, more sensuous things in life. Encourage your team members to unwind a bit with these employee holiday gifts:

All types of employees will enjoy the heavenly scents and intoxicating ingredients in these gift sets. Using them may make them more relaxed or energized when they return to work.


There are plenty of functional yet stylish gifts that your employees may desperately want or need, but just haven’t gotten around to getting yet. When you give employee holiday gifts that are great for everyday use, recipients will remember your thoughtfulness and kind gesture all year-round. Some ideas include:

Useful gift ideas like these allow you to go the extra mile in thoughtfulness when you carefully choose the materials. Have employees who are vegan or eco-conscious? Vegan leather is fashion-forward and totally natural.


Celebratory toasts, cocktail parties, and cheers-worthy moments abound during the holidays. While a spirit-holder might not make sense for an employee of the month award at your company, the holiday season is an appropriate time to kick off fun-filled times with drink-holder or -opener gifts. Elegant ideas include:

You could pair a gift like these with a mouthwatering bottle of wine or a seasonal liqueur, or present them as party favors at an office holiday party.

Fun and Games

Gifts that are games enable you to participate in some holiday revelry with your team. You can play a game or do a brain teaser during a meeting before the holidays or at a holiday lunch or party, and then surprise your team with the game or brain teaser you just did as a token of your appreciation. Check out these ideas:

These types of gifts can be kept in an office, or even brought home so recipients can play and enjoy them with their families.

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Whatever type of business you run, and however many employees you have, you’re sure to find something innovative and engaging to give to employees for the holidays from Successories. You can even personalize gifts to make them even more special. Browse all our employee holiday gifts here, and view more gifts for employees here.