Six Funny Employee Gifts from Successories

Looking for some fun, light-hearted gift ideas guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of your employees? We’ve got thousands of great employee gift ideas on offer, so there’s something for every taste, preference and budget, but if you’re looking for something fun and whimsical, check out these ideas:

Thanks For All You Do! Mood Dude

This fun little smiling troll is sure to bring an appreciative grin every time it’s in sight. How can resist those eyes, that smile, and that hair? Even better, when held, the heat from your hand will cause it to change colors, making it a multi-functional gift. It makes people happy, it’s got a cool color change feature and it’s a great stress-reliever. What could be better?

Thanks For All You Do! Screen Cleaner

While the message may be identical to our little troll friend above, the purpose of this handy little gift is quite different and practical. Computer monitors get dirty. It’s inevitable, but this handy little guy will keep yours clean, even as it brings a smile when it’s sitting on your desk.

Get It Done Emoji Stress Reliever

Emoji’s are great, aren’t they? And of course, the “poop” emoji is everyone’s emotive favorite. Talk about a conversation starter! This fun little stress ball is sure to get a laugh from literally everyone who walks by your desk. The biggest problem with this fun gift idea is that you might start a riot as people fight over who gets to play with it next, so if you buy one, be prepared to buy several!

Super Hero Stress Reliever

Stress relief has never been so cute, or so much fun! Where the “poop” emoji stress reliever brings laughs of a different sort, this amusing little guy brings genuine smiles of appreciation, and it’s a great way to recognize the superheroes in your office.

Motivational Toilet Paper

One of our best-selling items. After all, who wouldn’t at least crack a smile, right? Each sheet of this toilet paper comes printed with an inspirational message, which gives you some free reading material while you’re taking care of business. Even better, it does so in a manner that’s laced with so much wicked irony it’s almost impossible not to laugh!

Emoji Pin Pen

More fun with emoji’s! This set of four pens (black ink) comes with a laughing emoji on a chain. It’s magnetized, which makes the pen surprisingly versatile. You can store it anywhere (well, anywhere metal) for easy access. And it’s a guaranteed conversation starter, to boot!

If these ideas aren’t quite what you’re looking for, not to worry. We’ve got plenty more where they came from. Just spend some time browsing through our extensive collection of gift ideas and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re after!