Recognize an Employee’s Remarkable Achievement with Successories

One of the keys to boosting employee engagement, which can lead to better overall productivity, is recognition. Think about it: When we do something great, we want to have our moment and 15 minutes of office fame. Whether you throw a party for the person or give them a gift or an award, this recognition can go a long way in boosting morale and improving employee engagement.

Boosting Morale and Improving Employee Engagement with Awards

For more than 30 years, Successories has provided companies of all sizes with the employee gifts, awards, and solutions to celebrate their workers’ successes big and small. Whether it’s an employee of the month celebration or a long-time team member is headed off to retirement, Successories has you covered. Here are a few items from their online store to recognize an employee’s remarkable achievement.

Gold Champion Award

Among the best corporate gifts to recognize and mark an achievement are trophies and statues. Just like at the Hollywood award shows, a gold statue carries prestige that is worth more than its parts alone. Successories has a wide selection of sculptures and trophies, but the Gold Champion Award stands out. This piece features a removable medallion with an inspirational phrase, and is the perfect way to recognize standout executives and managers at events.

Standard of Excellence Award

When someone does something truly amazing, it sets a new standard, and the act serves as a new bar for others to reach. This type of friendly competition can empower an entire team to strive to do more, so if you witness something inspiring, celebrate it. The Standard of Excellence Award is a desktop piece that will serve as inspiration and motivation to always push the bar and try to be even more incredible than the day before.

Above & Beyond Recognition Award Program

If you have an employee of the month program or are thinking about starting one, Successories has a selection of plaques and motivational posters that give each month’s winner recognition. The Above & Beyond Recognition Award Program incorporates one of Successories’ famous motivational posters along with a panel to place employee names with every new winner announced. Give employees more than just 15 minutes of fame and display their accomplishments all year long with this piece.

Precious Gem Years of Service Award

When someone has been with the company for years and has dozens of accomplishments under their belt, it may seem hard to get a gift for every single one. Successories has premium awards and gifts for momentous celebrations like an anniversary, and the Precious Gem Years of Service Award is a prestigious option. Personalize this cut crystal award and give it to someone who has really gone above and beyond in the company over the years.  

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