The Best Gifts to Send a Team Member Off to Retirement

No matter how long someone has been with a company, retirement is a remarkable milestone in life worth celebrating. Unlike a birthday, retirement typically only happens once and marks the end of a long career and the start of a new chapter.

Some people have been anxiously counting the days while others aren’t sure they’re ready to leave the job. Whatever the case, make your retirement celebration a company-wide event and give the team member a positive experience to carry them into retirement. Here are a few memorable gifts (besides golf clubs) to send a team member off to retirement. 

Commemorative Desk Clock

For the last 40 years or so, clocks have practically run their life. Clocks help keep them on schedule and serve as a nagging reminder that it’s probably time to head home for the day. Although they’re entering retirement where many feel time holds less sway, a hardworking executive won’t let their clock-checking habit fade. Celebrate their dedication to staying ahead of schedule with a commemorative desk clock. You have plenty of options, but a leather-wrapped clock with a personalized plaque is among the best employee gifts for retirement.

Gift Book About Leadership and Excellence

We all want our names to be in the history books one day, and there’s no higher compliment than comparing the new retiree to some of the greatest leaders the world has seen. Now that their time in the workforce has come to a close, it’s good to look back on the achievements and change they’ve brought through their leadership abilities. Whether a book with inspirational quotes from other leaders or a coffee table book about excellence itself, this gift puts the team’s admiration into words.

Trophy Celebrating Their Achievements 

No award show is complete without a lifetime achievement award, and no lifetime achievement award is complete without a premium-made custom trophy. Trophies and commemorative statues are among the best corporate gifts, and they are especially fitting when honoring someone for the work they’ve done for the organization.

There are a variety of designs available from providers like Successories, for example, from more traditional glass sculptural pieces to more stylized metallic versions. Have the plaque engraved with their name, years of service, and a special message, and it will grace their home desk, bookshelf, or mantel for years into retirement.

Personalized Watch

A new timepiece is a great gift no matter the occasion, but for someone entering retirement, go above and beyond with a personalized premium watch. Have the case of the watch engraved with a special message celebrating their dedication over the years. If available, you can also have your company logo printed on the dial of the watch too. Shop for premium brands like Bulova, and they’ll be delighted with their going-away gift.

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