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The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Employees From Successories

Giving holiday gifts to your employees may already be a tradition in your company. If not, it’s the perfect time to start with these gifts from Successories. Giving gifts is the ideal way to show appreciation for your employees while celebrating the holidays and the company’s successful year.

Gifts that show appreciation for your employees

Office Posters

Successories invented motivational posters and offers a wide selection of office posters and art. Whether it’s motivational or inspirational, these posters and pieces of art are ideal for offices and cubicles alike. The modern motivation series, for example, offers wooden wall décor pairing breathtaking images with powerful messages, such as a mountain valley bathed in light from a sunset with the quote, “Excellence: Some excel because they are destined to, most excel because they are determined to.”


For your employees who enjoy a hot beverage during the holidays, go with mugs as appreciation gifts. A camp mug with “Thanks for all you do” on it comes with a gift set including a chocolate bar, two marshmallows, and two graham crackers for making s’mores. For an even more festive mug, go with a sparkling ornament mug, emblazoned with “Working with you is a gift” and including a packet of hot cocoa.

Pen Set

Show your leadership team they are valued with executive gifts such as an Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen Gift Set. A metal pen cup comes with a matching pen and case with motivational quotes on the case and cup. It’s not only practical, but also something to proudly display on a desk.  

Power Bank

Another useful gift is the Wooden Power Bank Holiday Gift set. If your employees are often on the go, this fast-charging custom-engraved USB power bank will keep their electronics working long after the internal battery runs out of juice.

Wine Glasses

If your company culture allows for it, consider holiday stemless wine glasses. With four holiday designs in red and metallic gold and an option to add a personalized engraving or logo, it’s a great gift that your employee can use to relax after a long day at the office.

Desk Pine Tree

Does your employee need something to liven up their desk? Give the gift of nature with a small pine tree, representing their growing success in the company. As a bonus, it comes in an organic, biodegradable pot.

Mosaic Brain Teaser

This interlocking wood and metal puzzle is perfect for the genius or puzzle master in your office. For a brain break, there’s nothing better than focusing on something that has nothing to do with work for a moment to come back refreshed.

Apple Cider Mix 

An easy way to show appreciation during the holidays is with classic apple cider mix packets, each noting, “You are appreciated to the core.” You can also add a mug to make it a set.

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