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Corporate Thank You Gifts and Appreciation Ideas

A little appreciation can go a long way - especially when it comes in the form of office gifts. Gifts are a tangible way of saying "thank you" and help to strengthen relationships within the workplace. Thank you gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation for the work of someone at your business, as a volunteer in an organization, or for being a reliable coworker, long time client, or a reliable coworker. Employee appreciation gifts help those who receive them realize their efforts are noticed and valued, and can help to serve as motivators for future achievements.

Time to thank your team!

There are countless studies that show the positive effects of giving and receiving gifts. When individuals feel appreciated, they're more likely to be productive and engaged in their work. Not only that, but they'll also feel appreciated by you, the executive decision-maker! What's not to love about that?

With Successories, our diverse line of professional thank you gift ideas fits any budget and occasion. You can even personalize these professional thank you gifts depending on the recipient and the work they've done, or you can find corporate appreciation gift ideas that are functional and instill positive sentiment whenever they are used.

Purchase employee thank you gifts today on our website! You won't regret it.

Top 12 Thank You Gifts:

1. Appreciation Gift Bags

Let them know they are tote-ally awesome with functional and practical bags that they will use every day and show off how much they are appreciated by you.

Thanks for Being Awesome Sport Tote Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Blossom Value Set Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Moderno Gift Set Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Blossom Tote Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Value Eco Active Set Staff Gift

2. Tumblers & Drinkware

Tell them "Thanks for all you do" with every sip from a ceramic mug to stainless steel bottles.

Great Teachers 22oz. Canister Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome 19oz Tumbler Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do 19oz Tumbler Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome 20oz Steel Tumbler Staff Gift Teachers Building Futures 14oz. Travel Camp Mug Staff Gift

3. Toys & Stress Relievers

Whether it's a scilicone popping toy, a wooden interlocking puzzle or just a cute squishy guy, these desktop stress relievers will show them how much your appreciate their hard work.

Rockstar at Work Eye Poppin' Pal Stress Reliever Staff Gift Stress Reliever, Talking - Stress Success Staff Gift It Takes Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder Staff Gift You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Talking Stress Reliever Staff Gift

4. Lunch Bags & Coolers

Give your team a break, a lunch break that is! With appreciation themed lunch bags and cooler sets, you will being able to say Thank You while breaking bread.

Thanks for Being Awesome Perfect 5 Gift Set Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Value Lunch Bag Staff Gift Making a Difference Rugged Lunch Container Staff Gift Thanks For All You Do Value Lunch Set Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do Perfect 5 Gift Set Staff Gift

5. Thank You Gift Sets

Gifts that give "Many Thanks", thanks to these curated gift sets that will overwhelm your recipients with appreciation.

Thanks Tumbler Set Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Sweet Supplies Gift Box Staff Gift Leadership Gift Box Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do Praise Pad and Pen Set Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Colorful Supplies Gift Box Staff Gift

6. Unique Personalized Gifts

Commemorate the reason for why you are greatful to have them as part of your team with unique engraved gifts.

It Takes Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder Staff Gift Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock Staff Gift Personalized Mini Stone Succulent Staff Gift Leadership Compass - Personalized Metal Paperweight Staff Gift Achievement Is Everything Vase Staff Gift

7. Ceramic Mugs

Wheather they prefer coffee, tea or a warm cup of hot chocolate, ceramic mugs are always a welcomed gift that they will have with them at work or at home.

Thanks for All You Do Matte Mug Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Soup Mug & Spoon Staff Gift You Make the Difference Soup Mug & Spoon Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do Holiday Camp Soup Mug Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do 15oz Camp Mug & S'Mores Gift Set Staff Gift

8. Tech Gifts

Sure your appreciation while keeping them productive with thank you tech gifts.

Thanks For Being Awesome Mouse Pad Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do Screen Cleaning Dude Staff Gift Personalized iPhone Stand Staff Gift Black Personalized Metal Power Bank Staff Gift Wooden Personalized Power Bank Staff Gift

9. Pens & Pen Sets

For those who want to thank individuals by allowing them to disconnect and meditate on their thoughts, pen gifts are the perfect gift.

Essence Of Leadership Pen Holder Staff Gift Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do Praise Pad and Pen Set Staff Gift Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen Gift Set Staff Gift Thanks For Being Awesome Handy Highlighter Set Staff Gift

10. Journals & Notebooks

To complement the pen, journals with thank you designs on their covers will be an appreciated addition to any gift.

Thanks for Being Awesome Spiral Notebook Staff Gift Personalized Rose Gold Journal Set Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Notebook Staff Gift Leadership Definition - Castor Journal Staff Gift Thanks for All You Do Notebook Staff Gift

11. Remote Employee Gift Boxes

Are your employees working from home? Gift Boxes that curate a few awesome thank you gifts will show that you appreciate them near or far.

Thanks for Being Awesome Sweet Supplies Gift Box Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Ceramic Gift Box Staff Gift Thank You Gift Box - Modern Planter & Mug with Chocolate Staff Gift Leadership Gift Box Staff Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Colorful Supplies Gift Box Staff Gift

12. Key Chains and More

Is your team the key to your success? Thank you key chains and lapel pins will add flair to their ware.

5 Years of Service Lapel Pin Staff Gift 15 Years of Service Lapel Pin Staff Gift Leadership Compass Metal Keychain Staff Gift 10 Years of Service Lapel Pin Staff Gift Velvet Lapel Pin Gift Box Staff Gift

Thank you gifts from Successories are great to use for work accomplishments, employee anniversaries, meaningful milestones, volunteer work, teacher appreciation, and more thank you gifts for staff. Browse our assortment of high-quality, thoughtful employee appreciation gift ideas.

Corporate Thank You Gift Ideas: Perfect for Any Occasion

If you interact with people, there's probably a great chance that you have a reason to appreciate someone in your life. Just a few of the situations where giving a thank you gift can help improve your relationship with someone else include:

  • At work: If you're a manager, show your team you appreciate their hard work on a project with a fun reward when it's completed. If someone at your company is retiring or moving on to a new endeavor, show thanks with a gift that acknowledges you valued their contributions. Employees who are celebrating work anniversaries deserve thank you gifts for their dedication, while bosses who are a dream to work with are also worth appreciating.
  • At school: Teachers are some of the most dedicated professionals around, and they often go above and beyond their job descriptions to make a meaningful impact in their students' lives. As a parent, you can show thanks for your children's instructors with thank you gifts, or browse appreciation gift ideas together with your child to pick out something unique for their teacher.
  • At community events: Volunteers who dedicate their time and service to a worthy cause will appreciate a token of the organizer's appreciation in a thoughtful or fun gift. If you give thank you gifts that also feature the event's branding, whenever they use it, they'll be reminded of the event. The gift can even help spread the word for the cause when it's used, as well.
  • In your personal life: If you're ever stumped about how to show your appreciation from someone who has helped you in your personal life, check Successories for thank you gift ideas. We have hundreds of different types of enjoyable gifts people of all ages will love. Whether someone has watched your house for you while you were on vacation or baby-sat for your kids in a time of need, having personalized appreciation gifts on hand is a great idea because there are always reasons to be thankful for the people in our lives.

From totes and inspirational cubes, to tumblers and desk clocks, there's an endless supply of beautiful and meaningful thank you gifts to choose from at Successories.

Find Unique Thank You Gifts That Speak to You

When thanks are due, it's great to reward someone right away so that they know you're grateful and that you value what they've done. If you're a professional, you can get thank you gifts based on your upcoming work calendar events. For thank you gifts for outside of work, having some on-hand enables you to give thoughtful gifts quickly after you're thankful for something. Personalizing thank you gifts for special occasions means a lot to the receivers.

You'll love the wide variety of thank you gifts available at affordable prices from Successories. Browse all kinds of appreciation and thank you gift ideas here, and check back often to see new items we've added.

Unique Thank You Gifts

Thank you gifts are often a challenge due to appropriateness, affordability and other factors. Our employee appreciation gifts, with their motivational quotes and inspiring messages, are always appropriate and fit into almost every budget. The occasional gift for a client or team member is an excellent way to boost morale and show your team that you appreciate their hard work. Whether you are looking for corporate gifts for clients or staff appreciation gifts, our exclusive line of customizable gifts are the perfect solution for companies. With hundreds of corporate gift products and company gifts for every occasion to choose from, you are sure to find perfect appreciation gifts for work. Looking for a great end of year gift, check out our employee holiday gifts.

Thank You Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Business Thank You Gifts are often a challenging proposition considering the planning involved, the level of personalization and the uniqueness of the gifts. Once again, truly hits the mark - Meaningful thank you gifts with motivational quotes and inspiring messages are always a good idea and fit into almost every budget. With hundreds of gift ideas to choose from, you are sure to find perfect thaoughtful thank you gifts at

Customer Service Week Appreciation Gifts

Customer Service Appreciation Week approaches, it's time to show your frontline heroes how much you value their dedication and hard work. Our carefully curated selection of thoughtful gifts is designed to convey your gratitude and appreciation. From personalized keepsakes to practical items that will make their daily tasks a breeze, we have something for every deserving team member. Celebrate their outstanding service and foster a positive work environment with our unique and meaningful gifts. Make this Customer Service Appreciation Week truly memorable by recognizing the exceptional efforts of your customer service team. Shop Customer Service Appreciation Gifts now.

Employee Appreciation Day Gifts

Looking for the perfect Employee Appreciation Gifts to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day? Look no further! Our wide range of thoughtful and meaningful gifts is the ideal way to show your employees how much you value their hard work and dedication. Whether you want to recognize individual achievements or thank your entire team, our curated selection has something for everyone. From personalized awards to practical items that enhance their workspace, our gifts will leave a lasting impression of appreciation. This Employee Appreciation Day, make your team feel valued and motivated with our exceptional gifts. Shop employee appreciation gifts to let them know that their efforts are truly cherished!

Nurses Appreciation Week Gifts

In honor of Nurses Appreciation Week, Successories invites you to express gratitude to the nursing heroes who make a difference every day. This special week, themed "Nurses Make the Difference," is a perfect occasion to recognize their dedication with meaningful thank you gifts for nurses. Successories offers a curated selection of thank you gifts tailored for nurses, from personalized appreciation plaques to exclusive gift sets that celebrate their commitment to care. Choose appreciation with gifts that reflect the invaluable contributions of nurses to healthcare and patient wellbeing.

Teachers Appreciation Week Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week is a dedicated time to celebrate the hard work, dedication, and passion of teachers everywhere. It’s an opportunity for schools, students, and parents to show their gratitude for the educators who shape the future one student at a time. Successories, with its vast array of thoughtful and personalized gifts, offers the perfect way to express this gratitude. From beautifully crafted plaques and awards to custom gift sets designed to pamper and please, Successories plenty of teacher gift ideas. Recognize the incredible impact of teachers with gifts that speak volumes about their importance in our lives and our communities.

Besides holidays and Employee Appreciation Day, there is a multitude of opportunities to boost employee happiness with a gift. Employee gift ideas include:

  • An employee of the month award
  • A celebration for an employee anniversary at the business
  • A reward for exceeding key performance indicators
  • A token of thanks for referring a great new candidate to the company

Gifts can also be given if you know an employee has recently overcome a challenging personal issue, such as experiencing a death in the family. By showing your team you care, you help to nurture the relationship between the employee and the business, which increases employee trust and loyalty in your company.

Functional gifts for staff from Successories like highlighters, mugs, stress relievers, padfolios, and pens remind employees who use them that your business invests in their well-being. Gifts featuring motivational statements help to keep employees encouraged and on track as they’re working. Special, unique, and personalized mementos like vases or desk clocks are items employees will treasure for years to come. The possibilities of how to express your thanks to your team are endless with Successories. As you can see giving personalized employee gifts doesn't have to be a daunting challenge. makes gift giving fun, motivational and most importantly functional.

How Much Should You Spend on Thank you Gifts for Team

While you can find employee gifts under $10, depending on your organization and what else you are doing to show your team appreciation, expect to budget between $10 to $50 per person. Best gifts are ones that are useful year round (drinkware or tote bags) and say "thank you" every day such as gifts that are decorated with the design "Thanks for all you do!". If you are looking to recognize executives and managers as well, personalized gifts and a budget of $50 - $100 is appropriate. This is a great time to give years of service awards to senior teammembers who have been with the company for over 5 years.

Find Corporate Gift Ideas Now

Giving corporate gifts is just as rewarding for you as it is for your team and clients. You get to shop for items you think they will love. Investing your own time into purchasing thank you gifts helps remind you how valuable they are to your business.

When you shop with Successories, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, or your money back. Make an investment that matters to your employees, to your relationships, and to your bottom line.

Customer Favorite Employee Gifts

Updated Thursday 06-13-2024
Thanks for Being Awesome 22oz. Canister
from Susan Plett of Sterling, KS

Thanks for Being Awesome 22oz. Canister

Great Quality
This was purchased for a retiring employee, the quality was great!

Thanks for All You Do 22oz. Canister
from Raj of Chandler, AZ

Thanks for All You Do 22oz. Canister

Good product
It looks great. Good gift to colleagues.

1.8oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner - Logo
from John Gillespie of Lewisville, TX

1.8oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner - Logo

All our customers love the sanitizer.
We provide the sanitizer to staff and customers. They appreciate that it can be attached to a purse or brief case.