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5 New Gifts And Rewards For May 2020

Are you looking for some new gift ideas to use as rewards for your hard working employees?  We’ve got you covered!  We’re constantly expanding our product line, so every month, we have something new on offer.  Here’s a quick overview of just a few of the latest members of our product lineup:

The Remote Working Sweet and Salty Pack

Right now, vast number of employees are working from home, and remote workers can sometimes feel left out of a company’s reward and recognition program.  This fantastic gift is a great way to ensure that doesn’t happen.  After all, who doesn’t love a sweet or salty treat to help break up the workday? This gift box is loaded with sweet and salty goodness and contains something everyone will enjoy. 

The gift box itself comes bearing the message ‘Working Apart, Succeeding Together – Thank you and enjoy!’  A gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

The 1oz Hand Sanitizer (5-pack)

Health concerns are obviously at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now, and with that in mind, hand sanitizer makes a great, practical gift.  In fact, to this day, many stores are reporting persistent shortages of hand sanitizer, so it may be something that you’re employees are having trouble sourcing on their own.

This handy gift solves two problems at once.  It provides a valuable resource that will help keep them healthy and it is a great expression of your appreciation.  That’s win-win!

The Microfiber Head Scarf and Mask

Face masks not only help keep the wearer from spreading germs, they also provide an important layer of protection that helps to minimize your chances of catching something.  Right now, in the midst of the global pandemic, head great like this provides tremendous peace of mind, which makes it an excellent gift to show your appreciation.

Best of all, you can order these in a variety of colors, and they’re customizable, so you can include your company’s logo or branding image on the mask if you like.  If not, you can always include a customized logo bearing an inspirational message if you’re feeling creative. 

A fantastic gift during this dark time that’s sure to be appreciated.

The Attitude Lightning Image Tumbler

If you’re looking for something a bit more conventional, then you can’t go wrong with our Attitude Lightning Image tumbler.  This 20-ounce tumbler is one of our best-sellers, and this design is but one of many. 

We’ve got a number of variations, each featuring one of our best-selling motivational themes in vivid color.

The tumblers are insulated stainless steel and guaranteed to keep cold drinks cold for up to sixteen hours, and hot drinks hot for up to eight.  Given that most people enjoy keeping a drink at their workstation, this is something everyone will use and enjoy.

The Chiseled Prism Crystal Award

If you have a virtual awards ceremony coming up and you’re looking for a bold new design that really makes a statement, be sure to check out or chiseled prism crystal award. 

The edges are cut to give the piece a dramatic look and create a dazzling display of colors, and the award itself, which comes in your choice of sizes (5.5”, 7”, or 8.5”) is endlessly customizable, allowing you to add the employee’s name, your company’s logo, or any other motivational message you see fit.  A superb award for special occasions.

Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for in the list above?  Not to worry, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

Just spend some time looking through our extensive online product catalog and you’re sure to find the perfect gift, whatever your tastes, preferences or budget!