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Personalized Glass & Crystal Employee Awards

Choose from over 300 quality crystal and glass employee recognition awards with many exclusive designs, innovative shapes and uplifting messages. Customize your crystal plaque award with free engraving. Our collection of corporate crystal awards contain exclusive shapes, designs and colors. Choose from crystal eagles to colored crystal awards to fit your budget and the recipient's achievement.

Personalized Glass & Crystal Employee Awards

Crystal Employee Awards

Crystal awards recognize the top performers in your company by being elegant, heavy weight, and delicately engraved. Custom crystal awards come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. The unique and personal nature of these trophies add to their perceived value while also being a memorable award that shows your employees appreciation for their hard work, retirement, sales performance, or any other employee recognition or milestone.

Custom Engraved Crystal Awards

Our crystal awards are engraved with a technique called sandblasting to ensure a deep and crisp etch of your engraving. Small details can be etched in while sandblasting also gives depth to the engraving on crystal awards. Cheap trophy shops and lesser engravers use laser engraved which chips and fractures the crystals service to leave a marred and unpolished finish. To properly etch a crystal award, a film mask is produced of your text, logo and graphic details that is applied to the service of the award. Then the award is hand held inside the engraving cabinet where one of our expert engravers blast the film with aluminum oxide (sand) until the engraved area of the crystal award has been evenly penetrated. After etching, the crystal award washed to ensure all sand and residue from the mask are removed. If the trophy is made of multiple pieces such as an accent base, it is UV adhered together before boxing and shipping.

Reasons to Choose Crystal Awards and Trophies

Crystal awards are a impressive way to recognize your employees and honor special events. Crystal awards are perfect for recognizing work anniversaries, years of service, sales achievements, leadership, and retirement. Our crystal awards can be customized with a variety of decorated techniques such as etching, color-fill, full-color printing and 3D Laser Engraving.

A plaque, will budget conscious, isn’t always enough to celebrate every achievement. At Successories, we offer a wide selection of crystal trophies to impress your recipients. Crystal awards come in a variety of iconic shapes like diamond awards, tower and obelisk awards, and personalized vases. In our collection, you will find the perfect trophy for your award ceremony.

Recognizing the achievements of employees, whether that’s a work anniversary, leadership acknowledgment, or simply just appreciation for their hard work - but a custom engraved crystal award is something that they’ll never forget. A crystal award is a great way to acknowledge a job well done. It is also an excellent keepsake for anyone who contributes to achieving something useful. You can order crystal award online or over the phone and get the prize that meets your requirements. We guarantee the best designs at the best cost in the shortest time possible. There are several available designs that you can choose for your recipients or event. The process is as easy as making an order with the specific instruction and waiting to get your shipment after paying.

Crystal awards are beautiful and elegant. They show appreciation and the recipients can display them at work or home. Successories has simplified the ordering process for our clients to save money and time. You can directly call or email to make an order. We dedicate ample time to making the best crystal awards that keep our clients coming back whenever they need a new batch. Contact us in case of any inquiries.

About Crystal Awards

Crystal awards and trophies are popular choices for recognition in many different settings. They can be used to commemorate a special achievement, celebrate an employee anniversary, or mark any other milestone event. But what are crystal awards and trophies, exactly? How are they made? And who should receive them? In this article, we will explore the history and uses of crystal awards and trophies, as well as some of the different ways they can be decorated.

Awards made of optic crystal, an exceptionally clear and sparkling form of glass is called optic crystal. Optic crystal is cut and polished to create the stunning look associated with award trophies. It has a unique refractive index which allows it to capture and reflect light in a prismatic manner, creating rainbow-like flashes of color in direct sunlight. This makes crystal awards and trophies ideal for display in any setting.

When you want to express the highest recognition and appreciation, optic crystal awards are the premier choice. Our optic crystal personalized awards are made without lead, producing a product that is exceedingly hard. That means it can be cut, beveled and smoothed to a flawless finish.

What are Optical Crystal Awards?

Optic crystal trophies come in wide range of designs and styles, appropriate for teams upon completing a project and corporate awards for years of service. They are sculpted in a variety of shapes and with themes that make them appropriate for trophies, for leadership and artistry awards and to recognize an array of roles and industries.

When you want to express the highest recognition and appreciation, optic crystal awards are the premier choice. Our optic crystal personalized awards are made without lead, producing a product that is exceedingly hard. That means it can be cut, beveled and smoothed to a flawless finish.

The natural properties of optic crystal, clear, translucent and glowing, make it much sought after. The beveling lets light bounce off the surface, dazzling the eye. Special bases can be added to give them added height. To show the highest esteem, give optic crystal engraved awards, using the most advanced laser engraving techniques.

How are Crystal Awards Made?

The process of creating crystal awards and trophies begins with selecting the finest optic crystal material. The raw material is heated in a furnace to 2400°F, then shaped and polished into its desired shape. Specialized tools are used to refine and polish each piece until it meets the highest standards of quality and excellence. The natural properties of optic crystal, clear, translucent and glowing, make it much sought after. The beveling lets light bounce off the surface, dazzling the eye. Special bases can be added to give them added height.

Optical Crystal is manufactured without the cheaper and cost saving element called soda lime. Soda lime is used in glass production and often produces a cloudy result. Due to the clarity of optical crystal, it can be produced in much thicker and weightier shapes and sizes. Crystal Awards feature a clarity, refraction, and prism effects unmatched by glass awards.

Afterward, intricate engravings such as inscriptions or logos can be added to the crystal awards, further personalizing each piece.

How are Crystal Awards Decorated?

To show the highest esteem, give optic crystal engraved awards decorated using the most advanced engraving techniques. Crystal trophies can be decorated in various ways depending on their purpose. To give a unique and personal touch, the crystal award can be etched with words or designs that have special meaning, such as a company logo or an individual's name.

Awards.com has more than 1000 types of custom engraved crystal awards. Each one comes with free engraving and logo, so no matter what design you select, you can make it all your own. From optic custom crystal awards in highly unique shapes, to color-accented crystal award trophies and engraved crystal plaques that allow your brand to show off its personality, there's a bevy of high-quality options available. Browse our selection of custom crystal awards, available in bulk at prices that beat wholesale. We even have colored crystal awards or 3D engraved crystal. Add your corporate logo and engraving to any of these crystal awards for employee recognition.

Awards.com features many types of crystal shapes that fit your awards ceremony themes, recipients, or brands. With so many stunning selections, let us help you find the crystal awards that fit your organization and occasion. Here are some crystal award ideas of a few noteworthy categories of crystal award shapes. Each type helps you to express the message you want instantly through the association gleaned from the shape.

A unique way to express recognize employees, our crystal awards come in a variety of shapes designed for specific recognition themes such diamonds, flames, stars, or world globes. We also offer crystal trophies tailored for specific accolades such as sales achievements, years of service, employee appreciation, leadership and retirement. As an acclaimed and experienced custom award manufacturer, we make awards with different colors of crystal such as blue, red, amber, green and black.

  • Crystal star awards: Crystal star awards signify that the recipient has shown outstanding performance in some way. Whether the award winner went above and beyond for a job, or they achieved a massive accomplishment, or they've helped to increase the positive sentiment for your organization, a star shape on a crystal
  • Crystal globe awards: Crystal globe awards are ideal for international organizations or recipients who have made a global impact. You know the meaning that an individual can have on a larger organization. A globe shape signifies unity and working toward a greater good in some way.
  • Crystal eagle awards: An eagle is a symbol of American patriotism. Giving out a crystal award that displays an eagle is perfect for organizations with strong national ties. An eagle also conveys a sense of bravery, leadership, or distinguished service for the recipient.

Custom Crystal Awards

If a stock award shape and color isn't what you are looking for, we can create a unique custom shaped crystal trophy designed around your specific branding or company logo. Our design and production team can custom cut, etch and color crystal for a custom award solution. When it comes to personalization, we can work with you to create a meaningful award. Our graphics and art team utilizing color, fonts, and typesetting to ensure your awards will be perfect for your and your recipients.

When you want a gorgeous, high-quality award that is all your own, custom awards made of crystal will allow your organization to create a unique sign of appreciation. At Awards.com, you can customize just about any type of crystal award you want. Choose a shape that reflects your logo, or make the award a unique color. Combine optical crystal with another materials, or make several types of crystal awards in varying hues so that every person gets something special. The choice is yours!

Play with a variety of textures by pairing an elegant crystal award with the edginess of metal. Infusing an award with two different types of materials enhances its allure and gives the award a designer feel, providing recipients and onlookers with plenty to discover with the award. Options like the Condor Award come in several color options or you can also full color print onto crystal awards to match the color to your brand or to an award level.

Our design team will work with you to understand your vision and then make it a reality. You get to see a proof of your award before signing off. Make your crystal award a dazzling piece of art, or create one in the shape of your corporate office. The options are endless with custom crystal awards.

No matter what type of crystal award has caught your eye, you can trust Awards.com to be the best place to shop for high-quality crystal awards. Receive a free proof with every order, and talk to our team whenever you want so you can be confident in your selection or design. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed, and we're always here to help. Find crystal awards you'll love handing out and recipients will love getting now.

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Customer Favorite Glass & Crystal Awards

Updated Monday 12-11-2023
Flare Crystal Award
from Jaimee of Undisclosed

Flare Crystal Award

Sleek and Elegant - Must Buy!
I chose this product to award the champion of our inaugural ping pong tournament and was impressed with the clean etching and vibrancy of the blue embellishment. It came in a sleek black box with a magnetic clasp for safe keeping. Can't wait to present this to our employee!