4 Benefits of Giving Personalized Gifts for Employees

When it comes to running your business, you know that your employees are everything. They help manage the company, analyze and shift current practices, and take care of day-to-day tasks – both the menial jobs and the ones that require lots of skills.

Because your employees serve as such a strong component to your success, it’s important to honor them in a way that helps them feel more appreciated and valued in the workplace. Personalized items are the perfect gift for recognizing hard work and accomplishments, and can even encourage further engagement in the workplace. In fact, according to Gallup, recognition boosts employee engagement, increases productivity and drives company loyalty.

How to shop for employee gifts

Choosing employee gifts doesn’t have to be a difficult task; it can be simple and streamlined with Successories. But before you browse through the wide selection of personalized gift options, it’s important to understand who you’re shopping for and what kind of items make the most sense for employee gifts.

Understand your employees

Before you can personalize a gift, you have to consider the employee on the receiving end. Gifting an object without thought before getting to know your coworkers can send the wrong impression. Get to know each of your employees before browsing through the list of personalized options. Then, you’ll have a better idea of what someone wants and needs versus something that will sit on his or her desk and collect dust.

Know your options

When it comes to customized gifts from Successories, the options are endless. Desk accessories are most common in an office setting; clocks, succulents in stone pots, mousepads and phone stands are great choices. There are also options that can travel home with your employees, such as tote bags, keychains, jewelry and drinkware. In choosing personalized gifts, you can always order an individual gift per employee based on what you think each one would appreciate most.

The benefits of giving personalized gifts

It’s one thing to give your employees a card or a box of chocolates to show your gratitude. While this type of gift is generally appreciated, taking a step further with a personalized gift shows you put thought into the meaning of the gift and recognize the worth of your employees. Here are some of the benefits of giving personalized gifts:

1. To motivate your employees

Workplace burnout is more common than you think. According to a recent Gallup survey, 23% of 7,500 full-time employees reported feeling a sense of burnout in the workplace often. Another 44% reported feeling burned out on occasion. Burnout doesn’t have to be inevitable, however – there are certain ways to help your employees cope with these feelings. Encourage them to speak out about these feelings so you can find a way to keep them motivated and engaged at work. Personalized employee gifting is one way that can lift their spirits as well. It shows you care; that you’re listening and you value the hard work your employees are doing on a daily basis.

2. To honor milestones

Whether you’re recognizing an employee of the month, most sales or 25 years at the company, honoring milestones shows how important each employee is to your company.

“When management takes the time to celebrate important individual milestones, it shows that the company cares about its team, and reinforces that we celebrate individuals for their important contributions to the business,” Hireology CEO Adam Robinson shared with Built in Chicago. “If you want to hire and retain the best people, you have to build your base of social capital each and every day. Done in an authentic fashion, it’s an effort that pays huge dividends over the long run.”

A personalized engraved plaque, trophy or achievement award is the perfect option for recognizing major milestones at work.

3. To boost employee work satisfaction

The last thing you want to do is let employees think coming to work is mundane and just “another day at the office.” Interested in boosting work satisfaction? Giving out personalized gifts on an annual – or more frequent – basis can give your employees something to look forward to in the workplace. This is a thoughtful gesture that makes a memorable impression on employees.

4. To strengthen bonds across the workplace

Having the title of “boss” can be intimidating to other people in the workplace. Forming connections with your employees makes you more than just the boss; it can make you a confidant, a mentor and even a friend. When you give a personalized gift, not only are you expressing your gratitude, but you’re showing that you pay attention and feel a sense of connection with each individual.

Personalized Employee Gifts

If you’re looking for a variety of creative, personalized gifts to give your hard-working employees, Successories has a wide selection to choose from. Customize everything from desk decor and tech accessories to acrylic awards, coffee mugs and tote bags. Successories can help you create the perfect gift for each employee by including their name and even your company logo. No matter what your idea may be, Successories is sure to bring it to life.