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Personalized Corporate Gifts to Show You Care

If you want to commemorate a truly special occasion and really show your team members your appreciation, unique gifts for employees with a little personalization turn into lasting treasures. Personalized corporate gifts demonstrate extra thoughtfulness on behalf of your business, and the individual details they feature make recipients more likely to keep them for years to come.

Unique executive gifts and personalized employee gifts are great investments for your organization, because you can demonstrate that you are grateful for the hard work and dedication of your team, inspiring loyalty and retention for your business, while fostering a positive view of your company.

Make a Difference With a Personal Touch

Showing recognition with any type of gift can provide lasting dividends to your business, but when you make the gift personal, you indicate taking extra time and effort to acknowledge that individual employee. Recognition is most effective when it is personally tailored to the recipient. Adding the receiver's name, title, and achievement or special message to a gift is a way to show that you're paying attention to their efforts and want to highlight their contribution to your organization.

There are plenty of times when giving unique gifts for employees can enhance the occasion. Some examples include:

  • Team meetings: Recognizing an employee in a public setting can be highly effective for team members who crave recognition in front of their peers. If your business achieved a particular milestone, you can celebrate the accomplishment with personalized employee gifts that point out unique contributions. Or, use a meeting as an opportunity to point out behind-the-scenes work that positively impacted the entire organization. Everything from weekly gatherings to end-of-the-year company-wide meetings are great times to give gifts.
  • One-on-one: Some employees prefer a quieter show of feedback or recognition, one that isn't as prominent as a group setting. Empower managers and executives to give those they manage personalized corporate gifts when someone has gone above and beyond their typical job duties.
  • Special work milestones: Reward employees who have worked for your business for a significant amount of time with unique executive gifts that they'll enjoy using or displaying in their home or office. A celebration vase, watch, or wine glasses, for example, are all beautiful functional items that are just as attractive to look at as they are useful. Annual work anniversaries, or meaningful amounts of time, are ideal moments to hand out personalized corporate gifts. Additionally, welcoming someone to the company with a personalized gift during their early work days helps solidify your relationship. A unique gift that is functional can be used throughout their time with your company.
  • Holidays: If you're planning on giving your employees tokens of your appreciation during the holiday season, adding a personal touch that displays their name or role at your business increases the value of the gift. Birthdays are another great time to give a gift with personalization, because these are times when celebrating the individual is so meaningful. Recipients will be more likely to hold on to a personalized gift, and they will associate your business with the thoughtful gesture whenever they see or use the gift.

Because personalization is an easy way to make gifts for employees more special, recipients may feel more inclined to proudly display the gift in a place where others may see it, which then benefits your business. Not only will employees be grateful that your business takes the time and makes the effort to personally recognize them, but people outside your company will also notice the thoughtfulness of your business. This can boost your organization's reputation, and even make more people want to work for your company.

Employee recognition through personalized gifts helps to keep your team members motivated to produce at high levels. Showing recognition can also alert employees to how their peers are contributing to your organization, which can strengthen relationships within your company.

Visit Successories for Personalized Employee Gifts

At Successories, we strive to provide the widest selection of high-quality unique gifts for employees. No matter what the occasion, what an employee's tastes are, or what type of message you want to send with your gifts, Successories has a wide array of expertly crafted gifts employees will cherish.

There are so many ways to show you care with gifts from Successories. We're constantly adding to our extensive selection of personalized corporate gifts to fit any budget or unique need. Shop for personalized gifts your employees will love now.

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Updated Sunday 12-05-2021
Power of A Leader Desk Clock
starstarstarstarstar from BuffyWuffy of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Power of A Leader Desk Clock

I purchased this as a Boss's Day gift. It was better than it showed on line. I had it engraved & delivered in less than a week. My Boss loved it & has it proudly displayed in his office. Great job Successories!

Rosewood Piano Finish Desktop Clock
starstarstarstarstar from Sherri Moore of Lebanon, IN

Rosewood Piano Finish Desktop Clock

I would buy this product again.
This is an anniversary gift for our employees. We bought several and will buy again. It's a very nice product.

Red Swiss Force Personalized Multi-Tool
starstarstarstarno star from Nicolette of Hickory, NC

Red Swiss Force Personalized Multi-Tool

I love his product! It's great!
The product is useful in multiple facets!

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