Celebrate Have Fun at Work Day with These Gifts From Successories

January 28 is Have Fun at Work Day, and these gifts from Successories are perfect for blowing off steam and having some fun in the office.

Create Your Own Motivational Poster

Successories invented motivational posters, but now it’s your turn. Use your own photo and text to create a fun, motivational poster for your team. It’s quick and easy to create your own, making motivation personal.

Coloring Set

Emblazoned with “Making a Difference” or “Thanks for All You Do,” these coloring sets come with 32 pages and six colored pencils, perfect for taking a few minutes to refocus and destress. They make ideal employee gifts for Have Fun at Work Day, and in recent years coloring books for adults have become very popular. After all, what is more fun than coloring?

Positive Spin Fidget Spinner

Give your employees a personalized fidget spinner with your company logo. It’s the number-one widget for fidgets, and your employees can have a competition to see who can keep theirs spinning the longest.

It Takes Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder

Your entire team will have a blast arranging colorful acrobats into countless configurations. From pyramids to towers, your employees can take a few minutes to clear their minds with these magnetic clips.

Mosaic Brain Teaser

The Mosaic Brain Teaser, an interlocking wood and metal puzzle, is an ideal Have Fun at Work Day gift for the puzzle masters in your office. There is nothing better than focusing on something that has nothing to do with work for a moment, and taking a brief brain break can help your employees come back refreshed.

Motivational Rubik’s Cube

Not only will this Rubik’s Cube brain puzzle entertain your employees, but it also contains motivational images and sayings on each side. It’s an indispensable desk accessory that your employees will reach for to absentmindedly spin and fidget with as they let their mind focus on other important items. Or, they can focus on the cube, trying to solve it, as a way to get away from work for a few moments and get a short brain break. The exclusive motivational messages and images of the Successories Rubik’s Cube offer a uniquely rewarding sense of satisfaction when the puzzle is solved. If you have managers, these also make fantastic corporate gifts, as well, motivating team managers.

Punny Lapel Pins

Everyone loves a good pun. With these lapel pins, you can add a bit of levity to any situation. Whether it’s the tortilla chip topped with molten cheese declaring someone as “Nacho Average Employee” or a piece of bacon letting a member of your team know “You’re a Bacon of Hope,” these puns can help your team have fun.

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