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Employee Recognition Label Pins

Successories exclusive years of service award pins are the perfect way to recognize any achievement, show your appreciation or simply motivate with flair. With over 100 exclusive lapel pins and personalized pins, you'll find just the one for your occasion.

Employee Recognition Label Pins

Successories exclusive employee recognition anniversary pins are designed to commemorate service affordably and reliably. The high-quality stock lapel pins come in milestone years of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, & 25. Personalized and customized anniversary pins are available to add recipients' names and exact years of service. Add a pin box or a presentation card for an impressive anniversary gift. Pins are a cost-effective way to give praise, display positive reinforcement, and increase engagement and productivity.

Years of service pins are the hottest trend in awards & recognition! With countless options and reasons to honor your team, lapel pins offer an affordable means to praise, reinforce positivity, and boost engagement and productivity. Add a velvet gift box or foil presentation card to make the presentation more special!

Successories, your top destination for appreciation lapel pins, with hundreds of exclusive designs to choose from, you'll find just the right pin you need for the occasion. As affordable options for cost-effective employee recognition, our lapel pin awards are perfect for showing appreciation and saying thank you to your valued employees.

Why Invest in Years of Service Pins?

Years of service pins are not just tokens but powerful tools for employee appreciation and organizational growth. Here's why your company should consider investing in years of service lapel pins:

Recognize Hard Work

Dedication and loyalty are essential for any organization to thrive. Successories' lapel pins celebrate these values. Whether it's a five-year milestone or a significant 20-year benchmark, our service and work anniversary pins honor every moment of commitment. Available in an array of designs-from soft enamel to elegant gold or silver-these custom years of service pins are a constant reminder of your company's gratitude for years of diligent service.

Boost Morale

Keeping employees engaged can be challenging, but recognizing their tenure with service pins is a great way to boost morale and foster a sense of belonging. Many employees spend more time with colleagues than family, and a little encouragement can go a long way in creating a supportive and motivating work environment.

Ensure Happier Employees

A simple acknowledgment like anniversary lapel pins can significantly enhance employee happiness. Successories helps mark employee tenure with a celebration that acknowledges the individual's contributions and dedication to your company's mission. A custom lapel pin with your company's logo can create a tight-knit and happy workforce.

Build a Positive Work Environment

Presenting a custom years of service pin to an employee not only celebrates their dedication but also serves as a powerful inspiration for their colleagues. These service award pins motivate team members to strive for similar recognition, reinforcing the value of their efforts. Service awards do more than just create a positive work environment; they boost productivity, sales, and long-term commitment to your company.

Improve Employee Retention

More than a third of all new employees will leave a company before their first year. Publicly recognizing employees who have stayed with your company is one way to combat this. Anniversary pins for employees symbolize more than milestones; they reflect your company's investment in its people. Regularly recognizing years of service honors past contributions and motivates ongoing loyalty and dedication, positively impacting employee retention.

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Customer Favorite Lapel Pins

Updated Tuesday 06-25-2024
Outstanding Service Lapel Pin
from Christina Dayton of Allentown, PA

Outstanding Service Lapel Pin

I would buy this product again
We give this out with our employee of the quarter award. They love wearing them.

Essential Part Lapel Pin
from Heather B of Portland, OR

Essential Part Lapel Pin

Classy token of appreciation
We purchased these for our staff who were thrown into positions that they weren't familiar with, with little direction due to The COVID-19 crisis. We wanted to let them know how essential they were with a small token of appreciation. We purchased the pin and card option. It was quality and looked classy.

Leadership Compass Lapel Pin Backer Cards
from Marisa of Undisclosed

Leadership Compass Lapel Pin Backer Cards

Would definitely buy again!
I love these cards! I attach a lapel pin and usually write a personal note on the back before I give it to my students at the end of their rotation.