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New Gift Ideas For Your Employees

If you have a recognition and award program in place, you’re probably always on the lookout for new gift ideas to show your appreciation to your hard-working employees.  We’re constantly expanding our product line and can definitely help with that.  Check out a few of our new arrivals, just below! The Working, Growing, Succeeding Watering […]

A Preview Of Our Best-Selling Gift Packs

Gift Sets are hot this year, and if you have an award and recognition program established at your company, you’re probably always on the lookout for new gift ideas to surprise and delight your employees with.  In this piece, we’ll introduce you to a handful of our most popular, best selling gift sets, so you […]

Five Awesome Gifts For Your Employees At Home

Looking for some great gift ideas to boost the spirits of your hardworking, homebound employees?  We’ve got you covered.  We’re constantly expanding our product line and have some great new options available this month.  Here’s a quick look at just a few of them: The Thanks Gift Box – Celebrate with Cake Gift boxes are […]

May 6th-12th Is National Nurses Week

If your business is in any way connected to the healthcare field, then you probably already know that the week of May 6th is National Nurses Week, an entire week set aside to honor the legions of nurses who work tirelessly on the front lines of our nation’s healthcare system. Even if your business doesn’t […]

Appreciate Your Employees With These Gifts

If you have an employee recognition up and running at your company and you’re looking for some new gift and award ideas to treat your hardest working employees, you’re in for a treat.  Even if you don’t have an employee recognition program, you can send gifts to your employees as a one off event. Show […]

Interested In Gift Sets For Your Employees? Be Sure To Order ASAP!

This year is seeing a surge in demand for gift sets of all shapes and sizes.  With so many employees working remotely, many managers are looking for simple, fast, effective gift giving solutions and with such a broad assortment of gift sets available, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re one […]

Make Sure Your Remote Employees Feel Included In The Holidays This Year!

The title of this piece is good advice in general, but this year, it’s more important than ever, because chances are that most, if not all of your employees are working remotely this year, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. The simple truth though, is that the Holidays are coming, pandemic or no, and tradition dictates […]

Great Employee Gift Ideas For November

We’ve officially moved into the Holiday Season and if you’re in the habit of giving holiday gifts as part of your recognition program, but you’re drawing a blank in terms of what to actually buy, perhaps further complicated by the fact that so many of your employees are likely working from home due to the […]

Great Gift Ideas For A Retiring Co-worker

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work, if not forever, then at the very least, for the foreseeable future.  Some things, however, don’t change.  You may not get to spend as much time face to face with your friends and coworkers as you once did, but they’re still out there, […]

How Giving Plants To Your Employees Can Transform Your Company

Mike Robinson and his wife run a small engineering firm in Canada that employs about twenty people.  Mike handles the technical side of the business and his wife handles the people.  Several years ago, his wife, Suzanne, came to him with an idea.  Why not give every member of the company a plant they could […]