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Monthly Holidays to Celebrate Employee Recognition

Recognizing employees with gifts throughout the year helps businesses retain top talent, increase sentiment throughout the workplace culture, improve management efforts, and boost engagement. While there are plenty of employee-focused holidays to recognize among your staff, there are more monthly holidays throughout the year when giving employee gifts is appropriate. Check out some ideas below. […]

7 Employee Appreciation Events to Celebrate

Employee engagement is crucial to businesses, and employee recognition events help keep your team engaged. Companies with high levels of engagement report 22 percent higher productivity, according to the Harvard Business Review. Consider these other benefits: Organizations double their success rate with strong employee engagement Highly engaged firms report lower turnover and absenteeism Businesses with […]

International Fun At Work Day Ideas

While everyone knows when April Fool’s Day is, very few people realize that it is also International Fun at Work Day. Instead of spending the first of April playing juvenile pranks on your coworkers, why not improve employee morale and have some fun. Here are a few tips to help your company celebrate this fun […]

The Perfect Time for a Company Picnic!

If you are lucky enough to live in a warmer climate area, this is the perfect time of year to have a company picnic and if not, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about having one – Successories hosted one at the end of January here in South Florida! In places of the US, like Southern California, […]

5 Ways To Have Fun At Work

Wondering how to spice up your workday? Or maybe you’re in charge around there and are contemplating how to make your employees’ work day more fun? There are several simple but effective ways to give that serious and stressful work day the boot, and invite more fun into your employee’s lives. Here are among the easiest ways to […]

4 Tips To on How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

There is no other holiday that evokes strong feelings of love from those in love, as well as disgust from those that are sick of it, than Valentine’s Day. And while it’s true that celebrating the holidays at the office can be fun, it’s not always appropriate; especially when it comes to this particular day. In […]

Holiday Office Party Ideas: Cookie Exchange

Before you ask employees to make a dish for your annual holiday office party, keep things a little lighter and consider having a cookie exchange! Delicious, fun and easy! Cookies are something relatively easy for anyone to bake (or pick up from the local grocery, but Mary will put them in a fancy container and […]

Holiday Office Party Ideas: Ugly Sweater Party

Next Friday is Ugly Sweater Day and what better way to celebrate than with an ugly sweater themed holiday office party? Holiday office parties are a great way to engage and motivate employees! Plus, who can resist any excuse to wear Grandma’s light-up reindeer sweater? Show Off Your Creativity! Donning your best (and ugliest) sweater […]

Christmas Party Shopping List – What to Buy for Your Office’s Christmas Celebration!

Christmas is often a highly anticipated time of the year. This is when co-workers become stressed over what gifts to give at the annual office Christmas party. One aspect to keep in mind is an office Christmas party is approached differently based on the organization. Some parties are kept at a low-key level and include […]

Office Holiday Party Ideas: Hot Cocoa Social

We all know cold weather can put a damper on your mood, but what about your work ethic? Cold weather traditionally makes employee engagement more difficult, but one way to keep employees motivated and in good spirits is a party! Finding an all-inclusive theme that doesn’t alienate any employees may seem challenging, but we have […]

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