Bosses Day is October 16th. Are you prepared?

Always Be Prepared for National Boss’s Day.

Your boss plays one of the most important roles in your professional life. They help determine your career path, they can serve as a mentor, and they affect your engagement at work depending on the strength of your relationship. Every year, National Bosses Day gives professionals a chance to recognize their managers. If you’re wondering, “When is Boss Day?” know that it’s October 16, or the closest work day to that date if it falls on a weekend.

Great Ideas for Bosses Day Gifts

There’s no need to stress if National Bosses Day is coming up. We have plenty of ideas for Boss’s Day gifts, which you can use to show your boss appreciation all year long.

Decorative Boss Gifts

Give your boss something beautiful to admire with a gift that is expertly designed and crafted to enhance any area where it is displayed. Choose something extra-special with gift ideas like:

  • Glass vases: Perfect for holding plants or flowers, or stunning and trophy-like on its own, a glass vase gives you an opportunity to add a personal engraved message for extra flair. Write a heartfelt note, or add a company motto to the vase.
  • Desk clocks: Desk clocks are both functional and beautiful to behold. Your boss will love showing off an eye-catching desk clock, and when it’s personalized with a message, it holds even more significance.
  • Framed motivational posters: No matter what one’s rank is, a motivational message is something that inspires anyone who sees it. If you want to go in on a gift as a team for your boss, you can get a framed poster that allows everyone to sign their own personal messages that your boss will love reading over and over again.

A decorative gift for National Bosses Day can brighten up a personal office, a board room, or another public space in an office for all to see. Or, a boss may take it home for a reminder of the great team they work with in the office. If you want to give something really spectacular to a boss, round up co-workers for a team gift that fits your budgets but imparts a meaningful impression.

Functional Boss Gifts

Give your boss a thoughtful but useful gift they can use every day. They’ll appreciate the functionality of the item and be reminded of what a great employee you are every time they use it. Consider these functional ideas for boss’s day gifts:

  • Leatherette tumblers: Whether your boss is a coffee lover or drinks tea daily, high-quality mugs keep drinks warm and protect hands.
  • Water bottles: Staying hydrated is vital for optimal work functioning. With a refillable water bottle, your boss can get their daily water intake easily and conveniently, wherever they are.
  • Sport totes: From transporting an after-work fitness ensemble, to storage space for items for their kids, spacious totes keep your boss’s items organized. A tote with a motivational message like “Thanks for being awesome” brightens their day whenever they use it.

Functional gifts are ones your boss may need but neglect to update or purchase because they’re so busy. Giving a gift that is practical to a boss allows you to show you care about their overall well-being. Making it personal with a special message reminds them of the gift-giver to strengthen your relationship.

Tasty Boss Gifts

Treat your boss to something sweet or savory with edible boss gifts. Nourishing gifts in the form of food will give your boss a boost when they need it, and foods spark an emotional and memorable connection. Ideas include:

  • Cookie jars: Give your manager a jar of cookies they’ll enjoy munching on. When it’s empty, they can refill it with a new treat and always have the jar as a reminder of your appreciation.
  • Chocolate candy tubes: Candy that comes in a tube that says, “Thanks for all you do!” is even sweeter to nosh on. Each bite-size morsel serves as a token of the admiration you have for your boss.
  • Gummy bear jars: Gummy bears are great snacks for work, since a little one can be savored for a while and make any meeting more enjoyable.

Impress your boss even more by doing some research of what type of treat they love before you get them a gift. They might even come to associate you with the food long after they’ve devoured your gift.

Shop National Bosses Day Gifts

National Bosses Day gifts from Successories are great to give any time of year. Whether you’ve just started a new job, or you’re retiring or leaving a position and want to show appreciation, or your boss has done something you’re grateful for, return back to Successories’ boss gifts page to check out what’s new and give your boss something they’ll treasure. Giving a gift enables you to express your thanks in a personal way and make your work and your relationship with your boss more meaningful.