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Category: Employee Motivation

Why Instant Recognition is So Vitally Important to the Workplace

Instant Recognition – the timely acknowledgement of a person or team’s accomplishments in a business situation that supports your [business] overall goals, values and monetary income far beyond normal expectations. In every single business sense out there, you have to know how to praise others to be successful, applying good encouragement tactics to encourage others […]

Results from the Latest Corporate Gift Giving Study

Gifts are a pretty complicated subject in America. It’s not that gifts in themselves are complicated, it’s what to buy and who to buy them for that really make you scratch your head. It’s even more complicated when it’s corporate or employee gifts – sure we all like to receive and give nice things, but […]

Best Teamwork Quotes

Teamwork can make the difference between an organization’s success and failure. Your success will depend on the ability to build a team and inspire them. One of the most powerful ways to motivate people is through the use of imagery. In addition, combining these images with accompanying quotes can have a very influential impact. This is just […]

12 New Motivational Posters

We are excited to announce our line of 12 new classic motivational posters.

Employee Procrastination and How to Fix it

Procrastination is one of the worst problems that companies are faced with. Loss of productivity due to procrastination cost business millions of dollars in down time every year. Just because your employees are on the clock doesn’t mean that they are getting the most out of their work day and this can turn into a dangerous situation. Below we will look at the reason behind procrastination in the work place and ways to spot it. Also we will discuss ways to decrease procrastination in the workplace.

4 Ways to Keep Them Motivated in The Break Room

Are you looking for ways to motivate your employees? Or perhaps more specifically –you are wondering how you can use the break room to motivate your employees? You’ve come to the right place.