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How And Why You Should Roll Out The Red Carpet To Celebrate Employee Anniversaries

The statistics are grim.  If you’re employees are disengaged and feel un- or under-appreciated, they’re nearly 40% more likely to miss work.  They’re almost fifty percent more likely to cause or be involved in workplace accidents and they cause a staggering sixty percent more office errors than motivated, engaged and satisfied employees do.  Which would […]

Employee Appreciation Should Be Year Round

Sure, Labor Day and Administrative Professionals Day are important holidays and your employees deserve recognition on those occasions, but the reality is that your employees work hard all year long.  If you haven’t yet established some type of recognition program, you should strongly consider it. Study after study has shown that employees respond to recognition […]

April 24th Is Administrative Professional Day

Administrative Professionals Day, formerly known as Secretary’s Day, is fast approaching.  Administrative staff are the unsung heroes of most businesses, small and large.  They’re the quiet folks who keep all the wheels spinning.  Their jobs aren’t glamorous, but they’re so critical to your long-term success.  As such, it’s only fitting that they have a special […]

Reminder: Staff Appreciation Day Is April 26th

Reminder:  Staff Appreciation Day Is April 26th Employee Appreciation Day is still, at this point, an unofficial holiday observed in both the US and Canada.  It made its first appearance on calendars in 1995, and since that time has been enjoying a growing level of acceptance in North America.  It’s just a matter of time […]

5 Perfect Gift Ideas For Nurses

Are you looking for some great gift ideas to express your appreciation to nurses in your employ for all the hard work the nurses do, day after day and week after week?  If so, we’ve got some great options for your consideration, presented just below.  Check these out. The Thanks For All You Do Perfect […]

Friday March 1, 2019 Is Employee Appreciation Day

Friday March 1, 2019 Is Employee Appreciation Day Employee Appreciation Day is fast approaching.  If you haven’t found the perfect gifts to express your appreciation for your hard-working team, there’s still time, but the clock is ticking.  If you’re not sure where to star, we’ve included a cross section of some of our most popular […]

Here Are Our 2019 Employee Engagement Predictions

Ever since Millennials have begun to dominate the workplace, employee engagement has been taking on an increasing level of importance. Not that it hasn’t been important all along, it’s just that relatively speaking, it’s something Millennials care even more about than employees of previous generations. With that in mind, here are some hot trends to […]

Successories' Custom Solutions for Awards & Rewards

If, after browsing our incredible selection of awards, you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for and are interested in having something totally custom made to recognize your hardest-working employees, we can help with that through our Custom Solutions program. Our designers and manufacturing team have years of experience in creating award-winning, eye-catching trophies […]

Keeping Your Employees Happy Involves More Than Just A Paycheck

How happy are your employees? If you’re like most managers or business owners, you’re probably not sure how to answer that question. Sure, you hope your employees are happy, but if they’re not, there’s not much you can do about that, right? Actually, that’s not true at all, and in fact, increasingly, keeping your employees […]

HR Trends For The Year Ahead (2019)

The modern business environment is fast-paced and ever-changing. HR has no choice but to change right along with it. Companies that fail to change and adapt run the risk of finding themselves at a serious strategic disadvantage, and once there, there’s no easy way back. Here are a few of the trends that will be […]