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Professional and Inspirational, our greeting card samplers are the perfect cards to have on hand for all business occasions, whether it's to say happy birthday to an employee or thank a client.

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Updated Sunday 10-23-2016
Essence Of Card Sampler
Rating: | Reviewer: Dawn of Brooklyn, NY

Essence Of Card Sampler

Essence of Mentorship and Support
A woman general's superior was once quoted as saying "She knows that good generals take care of the troops, and let the troops take care of the mission." In an incredibly stressful job, providing staff with instant recognition for something that they did or motivation when they are feeling low is invaluable. The Successories cards can be used to inspire and motivate in every situation.

Corporate Impressions Card Sampler
Rating: | Reviewer: Lee of Columbia, SC

Corporate Impressions Card Sampler

Great variety with Card Sampler package
First class in quaility. Great graphics and quality paper product!

Leadership Lighthouse 25-Pack Greeting Cards
Rating: rating | Reviewer: PMartin of East Greenville, PA

Leadership Lighthouse 25-Pack Greeting Cards

Great Greeting Cards
Using this product to accompany associates year end gifts. Very happy with the product

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