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Professional and Inspirational, our greeting card samplers are the perfect cards to have on hand for all business occasions, whether it's to say happy birthday to an employee or thank a client.

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Updated Saturday 04-30-2016
Teamwork Rowers 25-Pack Greeting Cards
Rating: | Reviewer: Nikki of Tempe, AZ

Teamwork Rowers 25-Pack Greeting Cards

Great way to recognize high performers
Our division uses these cards as a way to recognize partnership throughout the organization. Teamwork is extremely important to us, as is recognizing the individuals who excel at working towards the common goal. The employees in our company are very appreciative to be recognized by senior leadership and the inspirational message of these cards reinforces one of our core values.

Corporate Expression Card Sampler
Rating: rating | Reviewer: Dana of Cleveland, OH

Corporate Expression Card Sampler

Great Variety
Cards easily run through printer, making it easy to run awards/recognition cards for multiple people

Happy Birthday Hat 25-Pack Greeting Cards
Rating: | Reviewer: Caitlin of Houston, TX

Happy Birthday Hat 25-Pack Greeting Cards

Quality Product
The Human Resources department recently decided to start sending personalized birthday cards to all the employees. These cards are neat and appropriate for everyone in the office.

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