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Custom Award Medallions and Challenge Coins

Metal award medallions and challenge coins make great awards and gifts. Affordable medallions are a great way to award employees and remind the team of their goals. Use these medallions as on the spot recognition for employees and staff, or just carry them in your own pocket as a daily reminder. Successories collection of exclusive medallions also make great awards and gifts. Add a velvet gift box for a classy presentation.

Custom Award Medallions and Challenge Coins

Custom Medallions & Challenge Coins

The power of these brass medallion awards will astonish you! Use these affordable brass medallions to launch new projects and recognize new achievements. Artfully display your brass medallions with our affordable acrylic medallion holders. As and Successories award and gift you get, these medallions and coins are also customizable.

Medallion Awards

Create Your Own Medallion Awards! Choose your award and the showcased medallion. Mix & match medallions of large and small for a custom award of appreciation & encouragement.

Medallions as Employee Recognition Gifts

Our quality medallion lapel pins make marvelous mini motivators, great gifts and affordable awards. Our motivational medallion key chains and key rings bring affordable inspiration to every day.

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Customer Favorite Medallions

Updated Monday 04-22-2024
Above & Beyond Appreciation Token

Above & Beyond Appreciation Token

This is just the right tone and size for our "thank you"
Sent these to staff to thank for the last year of hard work. Nice compact size and the message on the card is really nice. Will buy again

Whatever It Takes Medallion Challenge Coin
from Danny of Undisclosed

Whatever It Takes Medallion Challenge Coin

Great Motivational Gift
I used the Medallions as a motivational item with the Students I work with at a University in Missouri. They were perfect for helping create a TEAM environment.

Black Mini Star Award
from Shannon of Springfield, IL

Black Mini Star Award

Simple but Effective
We use the stars for 2 different awards programs, one for internal customer service and one for external customer service. One of the titles on them actually conincide with one of our programs "Above and Beyond"
We have been using these awards for 2 years and our employees love them. They have made a competition out of who can earn the most. Several employees have several stacked up in their workstations.
The stars are a perfect addition to our incentive program.