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Star Awards

Recognize your rising stars and star with our star awards - choose from a variety of styles from acrylic awards and glass awards to stone awards and sculpted awards.

Customer Favorite Star Awards

Updated Saturday 02-27-2021
Black Mini Star with Base Award
starstarstarstarno star from Linda W of Lindenhurst, NY

Black Mini Star with Base Award

A Star for a Star
We gave this award to our "most improved" agent - in terms of production. While it had an appropriate message and it was perfect for the accomplishment, if the star could be secured to the base, it would be a better gift.

Driven to Shine Star Acrylic Award
starstarstarstarstar from Amy of Richmond, VA

Driven to Shine Star Acrylic Award

Great award!
This is a great award to recognize the newest employee to our company who has quickly become a standout within our organization.

Leadership Wedge Glass Award
starstarstarstarstar from MS of SD

Leadership Wedge Glass Award

I use Successories always
Top quality, great selection.