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Books (short, 20-minute reads)

Short. Quick. Inspiring. Our books connect with people's lives fast and stay with them forever. Busy adults have one thing in common. They struggle to spend time focused on reading. Fortunately, each of these titles is written with the intention to deliver an important idea in less than 30-minutes. Our condensed books save time by getting straight to the point, so you can get back to your life.

Books (short, 20-minute reads)

Short Good Books with a Less than 30-minute Reading Time

Got a little extra time on your hands, why not dive into our collection of inspirational ideas with your 20 minutes?

Perhaps you've participated in one of our inspirational presentations or events and decide you want to share a 20 minutes snippet of your experience with a colleague or loved one. These easily digestible messages in book form, get to the point quickly, cutting your reading time while delivering the inspiring ideas you wish to share.

Got an office with a lobby? Inspire and entertain your visitors with something more profound than a magazine while they wait to speak with you. You'll also show them the type of work culture your organization prides itself on building.

Enhance Team Meetings with our Book Discussion Packages

Sometimes a good book requires additional discussion. Take your journey further and explore our inspirational book discussion packages for each of our popular titles in our InspireYourPeople Series. Each package includes resources, a leader's guide, colorful pocket cards, and short stories to supplement your discussions.

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